Friday, May 30, 2008


The day Seth came into Corpus to visit I made him a poster :) Oh, and he surprised me with these glasses that they made him get at BOLC II. I was definitely surprised! But I have to admit, he is a pretty hunky nerd ;)
We went to Joe's Crab Shack, even though Seth doesn't eat seafood, he took me there b/c he knew I would like it, and I did :)
A baby picture of Seth which reminds me of my friend, Bethany's, little boy. . . cutie patootie
haha, matching socks and polo, preppy Sethy
In the pool with Pops
Seth and his dad being, well. . .Seth and his dad
two nerds, taking a picture, hahaha :)
Seth and his mama, honey
Seth and his honey, muah!

At my cousin's college signing for a soccer scholarship :)
Me and Cammy at Donna's graduation
My entire family at Donna's graduation

free bee fabulous friday!

Today's friday free bee is pretty self explanatory. Anyone else up for a nap?

In other news, I made it back home safely, thank you for worrying about me. Today I am just running around and getting a couple things done that I have been needing to. I got my one month military discount membership at the Y today, so I am super excited about that, except the part where you have to actually go and work out. My brother graduates tomorrow :) And we are having a party for him and my sister's graduations on Sunday, so I think that will be fun. Plus it means lots of food and graduation cake!!! It's a good thing I joined the gym today huh? :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a solution!

Phil @ MAKE writes:
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories show you how to make a neat camera cozy! -
This camera cozy protects your LCD and keeps your lens cap on when you toss your camera in your bag or are just carrying it around. It also provides storage for a spare set of batteries as well as a location for the dead ones you're taking out.
It was designed for the Canon S2IS and S3IS, but the pattern can be adapted for other similarly shaped cameras.
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Link.
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So, at Christmas Seth bought me a great Kodak camera with a great zoom lense but it is especially bulky and all the camera cases I found were just blah. So when I came across this pattern today, I was ecstatic. Now I really have a great reason to use my sewing machine. I only wish I had come up with this idea myself! And btw, if you are even remotely interested in crafts, you HAVE to look at! And no, they didn't pay me to post that, haha.
I found these cute ones on, super duper cute

And last weeks poll results are: 4 out of 12 chose a baby onesie with handsewn embellishment, and in second place, 3 chose a vintage style handmade pillow. Also, 6 out of 8 of you would buy the hybrid Tahoe over any regular SUV. How interesting. Now I want to go and make baby onesies :) Okay, I am in the midst of packing and cleaning so I can catch a plane back home but I will be posting this weeks poll asap.

And todays joke of the day courtesy of is,

"A young girl was very much interested in the progress of her mother’s pregnancy. Finally the day of birth drew near and the girl overheard arrangements being made for her mother to go to the hospital. She looked at her mother with great puzzlement and said,“Mom, I don’t understand. If they’re going to deliver the baby, why do you have to go to the hospital?”"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this one's for Joey

As I was browsing through my blogs tonite, I noticed one common thread to each post. Wanna know what it is? Okay, I will tell. Joey is the only one who reads my blog! Or at least the only one who posts anything. If you will take a moment to notice, she has commented on almost all of my blogs. For that, Joey, I give you the "Greatest blog reader achievement award." Thank you for your never failing support :) I love writing for you, and btw, girls from Virginia can have some decorating style. Afterall, it is what my degree is in. You are the best, cant wait to see that bebe :)

Wow! Tuesday already?

I like this, I am thinking future living room possibilities, whadda you think?
Sorry guys, I have been neglecting my blog lately. I am just having so much fun around here, plus Seth was in all weekend and we had such a good time. We went to Whataburger, which was delicioso! We also went to the island shop and got matching Padre Island T-shirts, how mushy and corny, I know, but still fun. We went to see Louisiana Jones, I mean Indiana Jones and went to Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden, not in a row but over the course of the weekend. We also went for a jeep ride on the beach and had a Memorial Day cook out and played in the pool. Needless to say, it was very hard to take him back to the airport on Monday. Only a few more weeks though until we head to Kentucky,which we are veryyyyy excited about. I am going to try and substitute while we are there, and we will be living on the base, so that should be interesting. I have never actually lived on a base. I have been on bases but not lived on one, but I might as well get used to it early since that is our only option in California, the land of the fruits and nuts, hehe. Have yourselves a great Tuesday ;) Talk to ya as soon as I can.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I forgot free bee fabulous friday!

This is the Astrid chair from Anthropologie (the greatest store in the world). Sorry guys! I completely forgot about fabulous friday. Seth is finally here and we are having a great day, so this will be a short post, but here it is! This fabulous chair that I hopefully will be able to find on sale or find one similiar when we get to Cali. Goodness, I may just recover a chair on my own! Have a great weekend :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Are you smarter than a 3rd grader?

Today I went back to 3rd grade. I took a speed drill, did a math worksheet, played hangman, and made a poster, but apparently 3rd graders don't get nap which really stunk. Anyways, it was a great day and the kids were really nice to me. I made friends and I played well with others. hahaha. Actually I went to visit my mother in laws classroom. It was such a fun day and I really did everything I said above. The funniest part is that when we were grading the speed drills, the one I got wrong was 6x5. I said that it was 35, and right below that I had that 7x5 was 35. It really can get tricky when you go back to 3rd grade again, especially if you haven't been there in 13 years. I was telling Seth about how I missed one on my speed drill and he said, "You don't need to be on smarter than a 5th grader, you only need 3rd grade!" Which I thought was funny and he then said he was just kidding, that I was really smart, blah blah blah ;) Later in the afternoon, the kids were cleaning up the classroom and my mother in law said "Where are my Hoover vacuums?" Immediately the kids got down on the floor and started manually "vacuuming" the floor, picking up every crumb they could fit in between their fingers. I said, "Wow! Yall are doing a great job, I could use one of you guys around." Then one of the little girls pipes up and says (in the most professional, advertising voice she could manage) "We also do offices and recretary vehicles!" I said, "Recretary vehicles, huh?" and she nodded her head with a huge smile. I, of course, was rolling. How funny is that? I think she meant to say "Recreational Vehicle." How cute? Who knows, maybe I will become a teacher, but of course I first need to become smarter than a 3rd grader ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

When, I say, Whennnn???

In my search for a cool sewing machine picture, I came across this picture. How cute is this? Growing up, we had this actual little snoopy snow cone maker. When the ice is crushed in the little hole, you dig it out with the shovel. Of course it took forever to make one snow cone, but we still loved it and my mom let us make them :) Oh, just a great childhood memory that I wanted to share!
When, that is, will I ever ever ever actually pull out my sewing machine??? At this point I feel like all is hopeless. I would really like to make a cute baby onesie or an apron, but I need my sewing machine and that is in Virginia and I am in Texas, and who even knows if it works??? Oh, the dilemmas of my life. . . so cruel, right? haha. On a more serious note, please pray for Stephen Curtis Chapman and his family today, they will greatly need it. I only have 47 hours until Seth will be here and I am just about to pop. What a great weekend this will be :) And by the way, does anyone know the significance of a "softie." You can see one here. I mean obviously they are cute, but what is the rage with them? What do you do with them besides give them to little kids for birthday presents? If anyone knows, please do tell. Okay, I am signing off as a confused and sewing machine hopeless Kathlyn. Later Tators ;)

David who???

I CAN NOT BELIEVE DAVID COOK WON!!! Nobody can tell me that they honestly think David Cook's voice is better than Archuleta. David C. may be the better entertainer but David A. has a pure, flawless voice. My body went cold when they said David Cook. I honestly thought David Archuleta had it by a mile. Boy was I wrong. Kinda like when I lost Miss Hill City, hahaha, actually I was supposed to lose that one, what was I thinking? :) Okay, enough of my noise. Peace out. . . :D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

work out

So my in-laws are healthy, workout people. Which is nice because it has really jump started my healthy lifestyle that I just couldnt seem to get off of the ground on my own. Although I havent lost any weight, I feel really energized and I can tell I am toning up a little bit, which may mean for once I am doing this weight thing the right way. Usually I look for results solely based on what the scale says, but my mother in law has reassured me that because I have been weight lifting, my fat is being replaced by muscle which weighs even more, so I am hoping that is the reason and not really giving myelf a chance to think otherwise, ahhhh! I am mostly writing this to remind myself that I have been working hard and although I would really like a large fry and chocolate milkshake, I can't give up now! Now I just need a workout partner for when I get back to Virginia for a few weeks. Anyone else on a diet or working out? I am very open to any tips on what works for you guys!!! I have definitely learned from all this healthy eating that there is no way I could go meatless. That meat, even though it is plain with no sauce or bread, is the best looking thing I have seen all day! Well, Seth arrives Saturday morning, and I am sooo excited. Holidays rock! Especially in the Army because they get almost every holiday you can think of off :) Yes!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

come on a cruise with me

Our Royal Caribbean ship from our honeymoon

At dinner with our head waiter from India

Stuffing my face!

My hottie on the cruise ship


I am way too spoiled. I just went on a honeymoon cruise last July and I am already dying to get on another one. It's all I can think about. I just want to go get on a huge ship and pretend to be missing. You can go watch shows, eat ANYTHING you want, sleep in, have someone else clean your room, lay out at the pool, get dressed up for dinner and have steak and lobster and gourmet dessert every night, and on and on and on. Oh, I want to go right now! Seth actually told me that if we can get him a week off after Bolc III that we could go on a cruise. And this time we get to sail out of California! I am so excited :) So, if anyone wants to go on a cruise, come with me!!! ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Poll Results!

Hyrid Tahoe

Greenline Saturn Vue

With eleven total votes, you guys said you liked the Chevy Tahoe the best, which happens to be my choice as well and so far 5 out of 6 of you would buy the Hybrid Tahoe over all of these. I will have to tell you though that the Hybrids don't get as good of gas milage as you might think. I believe the Hybrid Tahoe gets 20-21 mpg as compared to the non-hybrid's 17-19 mpg. Not that much of an improvement in my opinion, especially not for $10,000 more dollars. However, I read about the Greenline Saturn view that is coming out. It is a cute SUV, kinda looks like the Honda Pilot, and is supposed to get about 25-28 mpg city milage and 32-35 mpg highway. Now, it hasnt come out yet so no one knows for sure, but that is its estimated mpg. Okay, I am done with SUV's. Keep checking back b/c I will be posting a new poll shortly! ;)

how much can you do?

Yesterday was so much fun. We went to church, went to Olive Garden and then we came home and spent time at the pool. Then we went on a jeep ride to the beach and we went to Lowes and got ICEE's. I sound like a little girl, but it really was fun. We watched that 80's movie "Short Circuit." It was cute, but I had never heard of it before yesterday. Also, on Saturday we went to see Narnia, Prince Caspian and it was very very great! Next weekend Indiana Jones comes out!!! Saturday was also the day I did a work out with my mother in law and she killed me. I am sooo sore, still. I didn't bring my computer down with me, so I will upload all the pictures when I get home. Poor Seth. I called him yesterday when we were eating our soup and salad at Olive Garden and he said, "Guess where I am?" And he was also eating soup and salad at Olive Garden but he was all by himself :( No one wanted to go to church and then out to eat yesterday. I felt terrible, but he is coming this weekend, so yay! He also read my blog and informed me that I hadn't posted in a while, so I figured I had better get on it if Seth was noticing. I hope you all have a great Monday :) Talk to ya l8r!

Friday, May 16, 2008

free bee fabulous friday, already!

One Nation Under God. . . Support our Troops

Today I want something very important. I think the best gift anyone could give me would be 100% support of our troops from this nation. A lot of people think we have wasted our time and that we need to just quit right now. What they fail to realize is that if they stopped depending on the news for all of their "facts" they would understand that our troops are making a huge difference in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish there was a way for all of us to take a trip over to see first hand the reality of the war and the progress our military has made. Too many people sit at their computers and TV's, reading and watching reports from CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. and taking every word they say for complete truth. I have no idea how John Mayer feels about this war, but in his song "Waiting on the World to Change" he is very honest about the media. Here are a few lyrics from that song: "And when you trust your television what you get is what you got cause when they own the information, oh they can bend it all they want."
Dr. Falwell said that if he believed everything the media said about him and the way the media portrayed him, he would have hated himself! I guess my want list for today is a bit serious, but this war is serious and it is something my family is passionate about. If the guys pulled out today, we would be quitters and we would have left a job unfinished. The hard work that thousands of men and women who have been deployed and who are currently deployed have accomplished would have been in vain and the sacrifice they and their families made for the citizens of America and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan would also have been done in vain. You don't have to agree with the war, but it is your prerogative to support our men and women, especially if you woke up this morning free to believe whatever you wish. Thank you troops, you are our hero's!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My hero

You HAVE to read this book, it's at Target or online several places. If I was rich I would buy one for everyone, it is really that good!

Dr. Jerry Falwell 1933- 2007

Crowd surfing at Liberty

At Heritage USA in 1988
The Liberty University Flames

"Nothing of eternal importance is ever accomplished aside from prayer." This day, last year, my hero Dr. Jerry Falwell passed away. On Sunday I bought his wife, Macel's, book "Jerry Falwell, his life and legacy." Through this book I have learned things about Dr. Falwell I would never have imagined. This man with such vision and vigor, had days of discouragement like all the rest of us, but one thing he never lost was his faith in God. He had a family of which he loved completely, even cancelling a date at the White House when he realized it was scheduled on his sons birthday. The media has always made him out to a "hatemonger," but if you read this book you will realize how wrong they all were. The greatest part about Dr. Falwell is that he didn't care how much others drove his name into the ground or lied about him. The only thing he cared about was sharing God's love and plan of salvation to everyone. What a lot of people also didnt realize was that Dr. Falwell didnt hate anyone. He hated their sin but loved them. Gays, lesbians, murderers, thieves. He didn't think one sin was any worse than another but he believed sin was sin and it was wrong, but he loved the sinners with all his heart, afterall they were his passion and his mission. When he was invited to be a guest speaker on international talk shows, such as Larry King or Phil Donahue, he almost never turned them down and even though they were on opposite ends of moral issues, Dr Falwell was great friends with these men when the cameras weren't rolling. Once he was a guest on the Politically Incorrect show with Bill Maher and his son, Jonathan, went with him. Jonathan could not believe how horrible Bill Maher treated his dad on and off air. When Jonathan asked his dad why he put up with people demeaning him like that, Dr. Falwell said, "Jonathan, what you say is true but I just preached the gospel to millions of people tonight, and Bill Maher paid for it." There were times that people would throw pies in Dr. Falwells face and when he didnt have time to duck he would laugh and take a taste of pie and keep on talking :) Dr Falwell did not come from a family that was considered christian, but God used his childhood and his hard working ethic to grow Dr. Falwells ministry. This man believed in prayer to its ultimate extent. There were times when he fasted for 40 days, praying for a miracle, and God heard his prayers. This man accomplished extraordinary, eternal goals. He started Liberty University, the largest evangelical school in the country. He started Lynchburg Christian Academy and he was pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Now his sons, Jerry Jr and Jonathan have taken his place as school chancellor and pastor. The school and church are still growing and Dr. Falwell's favorite thing to say, "Nothing of eternal importance is ever accomplished aside from prayer" has proved true time and time again. Even though his body is no longer here, his God still reigns and thousands of people are coming to know Christ everyday because of Dr. Falwells hard work and sacrifice. Thank you Dr. Falwell for your challenge to the rest of us and for never losing your vision for the lost or your faith in Christ.

i had a great day

Well, did I sleep good or what? I didnt wake up until 10:30! What a bum I am. I also went for a dip in the pool and went to the gym. Okay, enough of the boring stuff. I am reading a book right now that I just can not get my nose out of . . .but I am waiting till I finish reading it to tell you what it is :) Sneaky sneaky. Right now I am waiting on the final word from Seth, but it looks like he may be able to fly into Corpus for Memorial Day weekend!!! I am ecstatic. I wasnt expecting to be able to see him until July, and on top of that, we will be at the beach!!! Tomorrow I will be walking to the beach since I just found out tonight that it is within walking distance. I wish all of you were here with me. . .next time :) Oh and by the way. . . David Archuleto rocks!!! ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is where I am!

Today I have been in Richmond, Nashville, St Louis, Houston and Corpus Christi, all in that order. I went to bed at 12am and woke up at 2am to make my 6:40 am flight in Richmond. I havent been to sleep yet. Two hours of sleep. . . how am I still awake? So now I am at my in-laws and they live on an island. I am not even kidding you, I feel like I am staying in a house suite on vacation. Anyways, today has been a great Tuesday. Seth is doing good and my puppy Barbie is staying with my family (thank you familia!!!). I hope she is being good, although she already had an accident on the carpet this morning in my sisters room (probably because Donna dislikes her the most haha). Okay, well I am going to head to the bed, talk to you guys later!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

thank you thank you

Hello again everyone.  Thank you all for praying for Seth, he made it to Oklahoma safely :)  Things around here are pretty busy so I haven't even given myself too much of an opportunity to think about him being gone.  My brothers birthday was Thursday, happy birthday Seth!  My sister and her fiance graduated college yesterday, congratulations Donna and Phil, and a few other events have taken place in between the two.  Tuesday I am leaving to go visit Seth's parents who live on the beach and have a pool in their back yard!  I am very excited :)  Also, today is mothers day so I hope you don't forget to tell your mama you love her.  I happen to have a great mom. She can do anything, seriously, well except fly, although she may do that when we all leave the house, I am not sure.  One day when I have kids I will realize just how much work she has put into all of us.  I had a dream last night that I was at the store getting a gift together for someone.  One of my teachers from high school saw what I was putting together and she said, "After seeing how creative your mom is with gifts, yours has really disappointed me."   Isn't that funny?  My mom is just that creative, I can never compete with her, even in my dreams!  I really want to post a picture of one of the things I got her, but I will wait until after I give it to her. This year is also my first year of having a mother-in-law, so happy mothers day!  And to all of you mothers out there, I hope today is a wonderful day for you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

free bee friday!

As corny as this may be, today I would really like to have this hunky husband. . . and the best part is, he is already mine! I just need him to come back to where I am and then I would be satisfied. I think a few of you would have your husbands on the "want" list for today. I would also like to find the perfect graduation present for my sister, but I can't really post a picture of that because I have NO idea what it will be! Anyways, hope you guys have something wonderful you would like in mind this Friday :) Have a great weekend!

color poll :)

Apparently the most popular colors to paint a living room are:  Sage green and beige! Neutrals it is!  Now, are yall's living rooms actually these colors or would you like to paint them these colors?  Also, one person chose burnt orange, which is far from neutral.  If you dont mind, would you tell us who you are and why you would like a burnt orange living room?  I have a friend with a burnt orange bedroom and it actually looks really good, plus I am on an orange streak right now.  I even have orange fingernails as I speak! Okay, well enough silliness for today.  Seth leaves in a few hours so please pray for a safe trip for him.  He is driving 18 hours non-stop, needless to say, I will be on the phone all night with him, keeping him awake!  I am going to post the free bee fabulous friday and also a new poll this afternoon, so check back ;)

p.s. I am going to the library to get some books, and great suggestions???

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

no pictures :(

I found this cartoon and thought it was worth being posted :)

Okay, so still no pictures but today was a great day!  Seth and I even got a workout in and had dinner with my bro and also watched Merican Idol with Seth's sister.  I purposely put "Merican" because I noticed today that when I say "American Idol"  I don't say the A part, is that just me or do some of you guys do that too?  I am also noticing as I write this that I sometimes pronounce "purposely" as "purposefully" and since neither one are wrong on spell check I will look it up on to see the difference in the two words. . .  okay I am back and here are the results:

purposely = deliberately, intentionally
purposefully = having a purpose, intentional

In my own conclusion, these are practically the same word, I just tend to say "purposefully" over "purposely." Which do you prefer? Wow!  And there are better things in life to write about but there was your grammar lesson for the day :)  Hope you all learned something about yourselves today as well and hopefully it was something other than grammar.  I am now on my way to watch TV with the hubby, only 3 more days left before he leaves, so i am going to make the best of it because I will not let Satan steal any of my joy, with or without Seth beside me (beside me as in hanging out with me, in the same room as me, etc.), right? Well,  good night to all! 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Its Monday!

Hello!  Well, we made it to Virginia just fine.  Seth leaves for BOLC II at the end of the week and I wont see him for 7 weeks, but at least he will be able to call.   We found a great apartment in Kentucky so that is exciting.  We are having a lot of fun spending time at home with our friends and family.  Tonight we are going to Seth's sister, Hannah's, house to watch the Hills :)  Can you believe I can get Seth to watch that with me?  We got 2 great voice mails from one of Seth's army friends.  It was very funny, but he let Seth know he was reading the blog and saw the pictures of him jumping out of the plane, so thanks for reading Jesse :) Yesterday we went to Thomas Road, our home church.  It was a great service and the president of Disney was there sharing a new project called Vision 360 where the goal is to start 500 new churches in the next 5 years.  Jonathan Falwell also spoke about the excuses we give to God in hopes of getting out of doing His work, like Moses did before he went before Pharaoh.  Pastor Falwell also talked about not letting Satan steal kill and destroy your joy your goals your vision, etc., so my goal from here on out is to not let Satan steal anything from me, and I hope you won't let him steal anything from you either because with God even the imposible is possible.  Well. . . I have pictures from Airborne graduation and as soon as I can find wireless somewhere, I will upload my pictures and share them with you guys.  Have a great Monday :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

free bee fabulous friday!!!

I also found this tank. I wonder if Seth would prefer riding in this??? haha

Sorry I missed the actually Friday version, I was on the road all day. . .can you believe another Friday has come and gone? I am going to write this as though it were still Friday though. Pretty crazy how fast the time goes. Today my fabulous friday wish list item is very fitting for today. Can you imagine how great it would be if you had your own plane? All this driving that I am dreading could be eliminated, I think I will try and talk Seth into picking up this nice pink one on our way out of Benning, what do you think? :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moooooving Day!

Although my hopes were high that Seth would be able to join me in this great day of moving, he was not able to make it. However, setting aside my "freak out because I am stressed out because we're moving again" behavior at 2:00 am when Seth finally got home from his night jump, today has been surprisingly low key. The guys got here at about 8:30 and it is 2:00 now and they are just finishing the last bedroom. I am ecstatic! It all went so smoothly, due to my "Jesus please help this to all go good, pllleeassseee" request. Thank you Jesus, He comes through every time! :) Now I just have to figure out how to get my carpets cleaned and be at Seths airborne graduation, which just happen to be all at the same time. I think we can work something out though ;) Happy Thursday to all!

how how how???

How how how is Jason Castro still on American Idol??? Waaaaaaaaa??? Anyone wondering the same??? Too bad David Archuleta (Seth thinks his last name is Artichoke) is going to win. . . my all time favorite song of my life is Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." I found the cassette at Goodwill after hearing Charles Billingsley sing it at the July 4th at Thomas Road and I just want to run up a mountain and sing it to the top of my lungs everytime I hear it, anyone with me? ;)