Thursday, May 15, 2008

i had a great day

Well, did I sleep good or what? I didnt wake up until 10:30! What a bum I am. I also went for a dip in the pool and went to the gym. Okay, enough of the boring stuff. I am reading a book right now that I just can not get my nose out of . . .but I am waiting till I finish reading it to tell you what it is :) Sneaky sneaky. Right now I am waiting on the final word from Seth, but it looks like he may be able to fly into Corpus for Memorial Day weekend!!! I am ecstatic. I wasnt expecting to be able to see him until July, and on top of that, we will be at the beach!!! Tomorrow I will be walking to the beach since I just found out tonight that it is within walking distance. I wish all of you were here with me. . .next time :) Oh and by the way. . . David Archuleto rocks!!! ;)

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Robin said...

That is great news that Seth will get to come visit you for the memorial day weekend. Woo Hoo!