Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY: Olympic T-Shirts!

We are SOOOOOO excited about the Olympics starting tonight!
We've been looking forward to this night for MONTHS and I'm sure many of you are just as excited as we are.

To show our team spirit, we made tshirts for Caleb and Lorelei to wear.
We had fun making them and they are very simple!
We bought a plain white tshirt for Caleb and I grabbed a white onesie for Lorelei.

For Caleb, we used a styrofoam cup and for Lorelei (since I needed a much smaller circle) I used a small measuring cup that I had.
We loaded the rim of the cups with our paint.

Next we pushed the rims down onto the shirt.

Until we had all 5 circles!
I wanted Caleb to have a part in making the shirts, so the circles aren't perfect, but I like them even more because I know that we made them together :)

If you look carefully at Caleb's shirt, you'll notice an extra green circle below the yellow one.
I was cleaning up and turned around to find him putting his on touch on his shirt!
 It was pretty funny.

Happy Olympics!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My new excitement!

As many of you know, I started upon a new and exciting adventure about a month ago.
I hit the ground running and I haven't regretted it one time since.

What am I doing, you ask?
Well, I partnered with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr.Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv, to sell their new and simply amazing line of skin care products.

Our products address almost every skin care issue from acne, to rosacea, to sun damage and malasma, to anti aging!  
You have an issue with your skin and one of our products is sure to help.

This opportunity has brought so much more excitement into my life. 
It has challenged me to grow and has increased my faith.  
In just one month, I exceeded the goals I set for myself AND already celebrated my first promotion.

Just before I joined Rodan + Fields, I had been praying that God would open a door for me to be able to help my family without having to go back to work.
Partnering with Rodan + Fields is making that possible for me, and the best part is that I love it!

The business opportunity isn't your typical direct selling business opportunity.
It would be as though you had the chance to sell Mary Kay three years after they started into Direct Sales...can you imagine where you would be now???

Rodan+Fields Anti-Age skin care line is on track to become number one and I am so excited to be on board to help them get there!

This week our doctors are meeting with the top beauty editors from InStyle, Marie Claire, Redbook, Brides, Prevention Magazine and lots more.  
They are giving them a sneak peak of our new product line!

How fun does this look???

Our amazing Rodan+Fields doctors aka " The Skin Care Dream Team". 
They are so smart and dedicated to this company! 
Beyond excited that I said "YES" to being a part of all of it!

Here is my facebook page for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest products and news from Rodan and Fields...I do "Freebie Fabulous Friday" every Friday where I offer some great, free items!

Thanks for listening to me babble about how excited I am about this...I thought the excitement would die down, but it's only growing...I'll try to contain it on my blog though ;)
Happy Wednesday!

(For those of you whose interest is really piqued, here's 10 reasons you should join me!)

Okay....Rodan+Fields rant is over...for now! Muahahahahahaha
(Can yall tell how much of a dork I truly am??? I can't hide it any longer because I'm pretttttttty sure I never did a good job of hiding it to begin with!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Name Paintings

A few weeks ago, I made my children their own name paintings.
I just love them.
They are great for pictures and they really add a nice personalized look to their rooms!
Caleb was so excited about his...I'm sure, deep down, Lorelei was too ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Seth always asks me, "How is it that you love so many things???"
My answer to him, "There are so many beautiful things or just great inventions out there!  I don't need all of them, but I love looking at them!"

With that being said, here is a few of MY current favorite things :)

Lilly Pulitzer barstools

Gorge West Elm mugs

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

Dani Notes iPhone cases

These gorgeous flats

Rodan+Fields Anti Age Regimen

This jaw dropping rug

Whale smocked SWIM SUIT?!!

This marvelous maxi

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

Silhouette Plates from my sweet friend Aedriel on Etsy

Source: via Aedriel on Pinterest

Some cute, kid sized, travel chalkboards

Can you blame for looking????

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Post!

Here are lot's of pictures of my babies!
I just love them to pieces!!!