Wednesday, April 30, 2008

favorite drink results are in!

Here is something I found along with this great vintage Coke picture:

You guys favorite drink is. . . Coca Cola! Wow! And to think that Starbucks might have won? I guess America still enjoys plain ol' great Coke :) Have you been to the Coke museum in Atlanta? It is a great place to go, especially if you like Coke because at the end of the tour you get to taste Coke products from all across the world. Some of them from other countries taste like NyQuill tweaked with Club soda, interesting. . . but it is a great experience. A new poll is up, so be sure to vote! :)

photo courtesy of

jump on it

Okay here are some pictures of the jump :) They are doing a night jump tonight which I think would be really cool to go watch but unfortunately there is wayyy too much for me to do at home since I spent my afternoon watching the army jump out of planes yesterday. . . so no more jump watching for me! Hope you guys have a great Wednesday ;) later gators

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

to the rescue!

I made it to watch him jump! It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They all jump one right after another, bam bam bam. Of course Seth was on one of the last planes to come through and although I had already been taping for over an hour, I caught his jump on tape. A girl that jumped right before him had a little difficulty when she landed. The wind swooshed right under her parachute and the parachute kept dragging her. I was watching all of this from where I was seated, which was too far away to know who was who, but I saw someone go and jump on her parachute. . . and guess who it was? You guessed it, Sethy to the rescue!!! Anyways, the wind was blowing quite a bit so they all had sore tushies. It made for quite an exciting afternoon and as soon as I can sike myself up to loading the pictures, I will post them so you all can share in our exciting day. I still could never jump out of a plane though, but thats just me ;)
btw, Seth had a BLAST jumping yesterday! He was actually excited to go back and jump again :) I am going to try and catch a jump today, I am just not sure where I can go to see it. Joey, where were you guys when you saw it? Wish us luck, (him more than me!!!)

i love too many things

she is new to me, not my typical listen but surprisingly nice to hear "mercy"

she has been talked into the ground but I still cant get "bleeding love" out of my head


Can I go here?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today Today!

ya ever have a morning where ya feel like this??? :)

Okay, so far I have finished 1/2 of my to-do list and it is only 10:30. The worst is having to call all the utility people and tell them to cut the service off. The cable guy says, "So will you be able to bring the equipment by?" I said, "Well, my husband has his airborne graduation that day but do I really have a choice?" He says, "I dont have the book right now to schedule someone to come by and pick it up." Okay, so now I was really confused. Was it possible he could come and pick it up from me and was just too lazy to go find the book or did I have to bring it to him??? And so the morning went. Then I did a change of address with the post office and called the cleaners to see if my wedding dress (which had been in the spare closet when our apartment decided to leak) was ready (b/c it was supposed to be done today). The lady says, "Oh, did no one call you? We couldnt get it to fit it the preservation box we had." What??? And no one called me??? OH MY! Well, I am supposed to call back in just a little while to see if she was indeed able to fit it in. I dont really have a choice, I am leaving in 4 days and I have NO room for my wedding dress. Okay, I think I am done complaining.

In other news, Seth is jumping today. He didnt want me to come and watch him today so I am going tomorrow since they are supposed to jump twice. The poor thing couldnt sleep. He had to wake up at 3:30am to get there on time and at 2:30am he says "I cant go to sleep." Of course I had been conked out for a few good hours. I said, "You havent been to sleep at all?" and he said he hadnt. So I spent all morning praying for him and we prayed before he left but I know God will watch over him and give him the courage he needs. I am sure I will be posting how it all went tomorrow!

Okay, well let me just say how much I am enjoying my morning. I havent had a morning like this in a while. It was weird not going to work but I think I can get used to it :) I still miss the people though. So far I have watched Regis and Kelly, I am watching Ellen (wishing it was Martha but Martha doesnt come on down here!) and I will watch the View. I say "watch" but it is more like "browse" b/c it is kinda hard for me to call utility people while I am watching TV. I am going to drink my tea, watch the View in peace and then I will go and start the big task of the day which is beginning to pack for my 6 month excursion. How do you know what you will want to wear for the next 6 months without taking everything? I told Seth that if all else failed, new clothes would be fine with me, haha :) Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Benning Boys

Tonight was Seth's last hang out night with the guys at Benning. A few have been in training with Seth since basic in October so it is weird to think of all of them going their seperate ways. Two of them in particular Seth has become very close with and I know they will keep in touch, but the thought of being so far away is just a strange and sad thought. Good-byes are the worst. I had to say bye to my friends at work Friday, knowing that I will probably never see them again. Seth has dealt with this whole "good-bye" situation his entire life, but this is my first time and it really stinks! We just have to trust that we will meet friends wherever we go who are just as great as all the friends we have met here. Ft Benning has been our first experience in the army and I have to say it has been a great one. We will never forget all the friends we have made :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

free bee fabulous friday

not too big, not too small, just perfect :)

dontcha just wanna go cook something in there???

i lika those pillows and the cool branches behind the sofa

i lovvvve that lamp!

I cant believe it, but it is already friday. . . my favorite day of the week, except Saturday :) My "I wish" for today is rather large, but there are no rules to this game so I can wish for anything. I also wanted to post it because it will give you guys a chance to have it! This is the hgtv green home. They are giving it away and if you go to and search "green home" you can register to win it or just click here. It is amazinggggg! Plus it's all "green" so for those of you who are good at being green and for those of us who wish we were (and winning this house may be the only way we could ever be half "green"), the hard part has already been done! I hope you all have a fun Friday and that one of us can win this house :)

thanks Paula Deen

before it was baked

after the oven (looks kinda like cheese, doesnt it?)

ta da!

I finally got around to making another ooey gooey butter cake for my last day of work! It turned out a little too gooey, but that just makes it even more fun to eat because you get to lick your fingers at the end :)

everything i can think of

These are our engagement pictures from last year right around this time. I have never made an online album of them and most of my friends and family haven't seen them since I only had a couple framed, so I thought I would post a few here :)

Yesterday, the moving man came and he says that it will be a one day move! Yay! The only thing I have to figure out now is how to get the carpet cleaned. The apartment complex brought me the list of everything that needs to be done before we can move out. Of course I know the usual things. I intend to leave the apartment very clean, but this list was just outrageous! If for some reason I forget to clean the window sills before we leave, we are charged $10, for dusty window sills?! If I dont clean the inside of the dishwasher it's another $10, and so on. Goodness, the last apartment we moved out of just asked us to leave it tidy and then they sent their own cleaning service in to deep clean (which should be done between renters regardless of how clean the previous tenant left it!) Anyways, it really isnt that big of a deal, just another task to add to the list.
Seth parachuted off of the big towers yesterday and he loved it. He did everything right and didn't get hurt. They actually already have you in the harness and they slowly pull you to the top, feet hanging. I asked him if he got really nervous as he was slowly getting farther and farther away from earth. He said at first he did but surprisingly the higher up he got, the more relaxed he became, not me!
Today, my work is taking me out for a goodbye lunch to a German restaurant. Its actually the same one I went to with all the OCS wives the day of the "snowboarding" incident. I am very excited, especially for some German potato salad. I really will be sad tomorrow when I leave. I have met so many great Christian people here, but I left them my card (thanks to Joey who showed me how I can get free cards on!) so hopefully we can keep in touch, but we all know how that goes.
My brother is in Tennessee with his choir and they are competing at the Grand Ol' Opry theatre. I am so jealous of him! He competed in an individual competition with his guitar, so we will see how he did. He is supposed to find out in about an hour!
This was quite the update. I guess a lot has been going on the last couple of days. I feel so overwhelmed right now but I am not sure why. The days just keep passing so quickly and I am losing time to get myself together! Hopefully after tomorrow I will be able to get a lot accomplished since I wont be working any more. We shall see. Well, sorry if this bored you to tears. I prefer to post great pictures of food or furniture, but if thats all I ever posted then it would pretty much defeat the purpose of half on this blog and the whole army life thing, lol. Right now I like to think about other things besides the army because in just a few days they will be the cause of me not having my very own bed until January, haha, there could be lots of worse things, so I will count that inconvenience as a blessing :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new look!

After looking through several other blogs, I noticed that pictures looked better on white backgrounds, and since mine was army green, I decided to change it up a little bit, just an fyi.
And now for the results of the "Where would you like to spend a day?" poll. . .drum roll please. . . with 9 votes you guys said that you would most like to spend a free day on a tropical island with a good book, fruit smoothie and lounge chair. . . if I could only get there today! A new poll is up, so don't forget to vote :)
In other news, the army movers are coming this afternoon for a pre-move evaluation. I am so glad Seth and I skipped the deep cleaning session this weekend because now the movers can see my wonderful home in all its glory. I hope that they tell us they can move us in one day, otherwise I am pushing having to miss Seth's airborne graduation which is the next day, which I really really don't want to do. Seth also has decided to fly to Bolc II instead of drive there, so the other night we purchased a ticket. The next morning I woke up and realized that we bought the ticket on the same day of my sisters graduation! Why are we always doing stuff like that? We should have known better than to buy a ticket right before we fell asleep. We did work it out though; I can drive him to the airport and still make it to my sisters graduation, Seth will just have to spend a couple extra hours waiting around but oh well! That concludes Wednesdays news, only two more days of work and then the real confusion begins :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

have ya seen this one?

this is the book by Karen Tack, she made the vege cupcake (bottom)

This was one of the grand finalist cupcakes on Martha

too pretty to eat

the cups are handmade too!

This is really a cupcake, topped with green runts and orange tootsie rolls. My question is, how do you eat it?

A couple of weeks ago, Martha Stewart had cupcake week on her show. I am not even a huge fan of cupcakes, but the cupcakes on her show were incredible! My all time favorite were the April fools cupcakes made by Karen Tack. She has a book called "Hello, Cupcake!" (pictured above, $10.85 on Amazon). I have to give the credit to my sister though, b/c she told me about the "food" cupcakes and I was able to catch the re-run on the fine living channel (thanks to my mom). I havent tried these recipes since I am getting ready for my kitchen to be packed up (oh army army), but if any of you guys are inspired, let me know how they turn out. My friend made a very cute cupcake cake last week with m&m's sprinkled on, it was adorable and very creative even though she says she isnt (she just proved her ownself wrong!) The book is at Barnes and Noble, but cheaper on Amazon. I took a look this weekend, very very entertaining.

Monday, April 21, 2008

last week!

This is my very last week working as a receptionist, and I am so excited! Mostly because this means that I dont have to work until January 09' due to all the moving around we will be doing. Don't get me wrong, I think work is great, just for other people, not me. . . haha. Actually, I really am just kidding, someone has to work (Seth) and someone has to do crafts and painting (me)! I think this will finally give me time to get my sewing machine out, finally. Plus I get to spend time with family and friends before we head out west. It's the best of both worlds. . . no pun intended Hannah Montana. Seth is doing good, even though he is already tired of waking up at 4 every morning but other than that he is enjoying airborne. This week they jump off of the big towers, eek! His graduation is next week and he also jumps out of the plane next week (I will let you know how that goes). Hope you guys had a wonderful Monday! See ya tomorrow :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday KK

The day they came home from the hospital with me

When they visited me in Georgia

At the aquarium

All the girls

Today is my mom's birthday but I don't call her mom, I still call her mama :). She is still very young and just in case she reads this I wont disclose her age, hehe. I hope today is a wonderful day for her and only the beginning of many more birthdays. This is the first year I havent been there on her birthday. They will probably all go to eat at Outback and if she is lucky, my grandma made a pound cake with lemon icing. I will call and find out if I am anywhere close to being right. She is a great mom and deserves a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday mama, love you :)

cleaning day. . .fun later?

Today is the all miserable cleaning day. Thankfully, Seth is a go getter when it comes to cleaning so if I take care of the kitchen and bathrooms (which he hates), then he takes care of the vacuuming, dusting and straightening (which I hate). So it works out rather nicely, just as long as he is here to help. We got absolutely nothing done yesterday, except I did manage to get him to watch Enchanted with me, hahaha. Of course I thought it was adorable, his words were a little bit different than mine but it was cute. We were babysitting for a friend of mine whose husband was competing in the best ranger competition! Hard core, seriously. She invited us over for dinner Friday night so I am really looking forward to that. I also got to go the park and talk to my friend for a little while. She and her two girls just moved down here, just in time for Seth and I to leave, lol, but we just all have to get used to that kind of thing. It was a lot of fun though. Last night was also dessert night for us. We had Brusters thin mint ice cream (yumm!) and a half baked cookie (yumm!). Seth got sick b/c he ate too much, lol. He is okay now but I couldnt help but laugh a little bit because he typically will do that, especially if it is something sweet and since we have been having only Saturdays as our dessert day, it's kind of like if you dont eat what you want now you'll have to wait another week, hence the overindulgence. Anyways, that was our weekend. Hope yours was just as fun, haha.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

these are a few of our favorite things. . .lalala

this movie too!

Kathlyns fav's:

this chair

this church

this online store

these dishes

this school

Seth's fav's:



If only we could just have this little thing, we would be all set :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

free bee fabulous fridays

Oh, Friday Friday, where hast thou been all my week, dear Friday? On Friday's I am going to start posting a picture of something I would love to go out and buy after work, and even though I won't actually get to buy it, I can look at my blog and pretend that I am leaving from work to make my purchase! So today's want item is this fabulous LG red washer and dryer, with the steam fresh option, of course. If I had these in my home, I wouldn't dare hide them behind a closet door. I would proudly put them on display for everyone to see. When did a washer and dryer become part of my wish list? Oh, the things that change after you get married. . . what next?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My brother is stuck in my head

The "mandoliner" himself

Today, after reading an excerpt from a book, my brother is stuck in my head and therefore, I am inspired to write about him. Maybe it is because we are both goofballs or maybe it's because he was forced to partake in every pre-prom photo shoot and hoer devour session of mine when he was growing up and this year, I will miss his senior prom. Who knows, but the the kid makes me laugh. I am thinking back now to all of his superman dress up sessions. I have his four year old image permanently stashed in my mental photo box. He has whitey tighties on and a blue teddy bear blanket tied around his neck, at least that's what it was to the rest of us, but that "get up" transformed him at a moments notice into the greatest super hero of all time, a super hero with a lisp (but they are the best kind). Seth (my brother) is 4 years younger than me, and when I was in 3rd grade and had my best friend, Becca, over he was a relentless helicopter, hovering over us. "Go away Seth!", "Mama, Seth won't leave us alone!" But whenever Becca and I had the urge to be fashionista's, guess who was there to be our mannequin? You guessed it, my brother. The best part was when my dad got home from work and Seth was running around the house in a princess dress. We always got a kick out of that one. Somehow over time, the four years between us kind of dissentagrated. Now we get along great, and I would let him hang out with me forever! He was on a football team that won two state championships and his latest passion (which I think will stick) is playing the mandolin and he rocks! He is one of the coolest kids you could ever hope to meet, much less be friends with. Anyways, I will make it to his highschool graduation, so have no fear, I havent totally ruined my sisterly role yet, and now he can come to California and visit me! What better place to go on a vacation than the desert? ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Families

This is my family. My mom has a nursing degree but is mostly interested in all kinds of crafts and sewing and is the reason why I am interested in arts and crafts. My dad is a timber consultant and owns his own business. My older sister is a special education teacher and my brother is a bluegrass fanatic and graduates from highschool in a few weeks.
Here is Seth's family, minus the oldest brother. Seth's mom is a school teacher and his dad works at an oil refinery. The brother in this picture is in the Marines and the other brother is also in the Army. Seth's little sister is in school right now majoring in fashion and interior merchandising (the same as what I did!). His brothers are married and have wonderful families.

Taking a leap

Yesterday as I was making dinner, Seth informed me that he made his first jump! I didn't even know he was going to be jumping, but that is probably good because I would have been nervous for him all day. Before they do the jump out of the airplane, they do some practice jumps off of towers and onto zip lines, etc so this was one of those practice jumps. Anyways, he came home very excited and telling me all about the story, which included a lot of movement. I got a couple of pictures of the story in action (even though he really did not want me to take them, but I just had to!) Now he is actually excited about the big airplane jump, which is a relief because before it just made him nervous. Also, we finally got everything at the transportation office figured out and they will come May 1st to pack us up! Seth will graduate May 2nd from airborne and then we will head to Virginia before he has to go to Oklahoma for a while. Getting that set in stone on such short notice is a load off our backs. Now we just have to tell the apartment office, but I will let Seth do that one!


Yesterday, I twiddled with some of the crafts I was talking about doing on Saturday. The star is called "free standing star" (a very creative title, dont you think? haha). That one is simple but can easily take an hour to do depending on what you want to put on it. I only did stripes and stars and it seemed to take a while, but that may be because I was doing it at work. My boss came by and was like, "what are you doing?" I told him I was making a star craft and he just laughed. I am in my final days so they are cool with me doing anything since they are busy finding my replacement, needless to say I have brought new crafts with me to work everyday this week. I also used glitter glue so I had to wait for it to dry which took a little longer than I expected. Anyways, my favorite craft which is more for me than kids, hehe, are the animals. I made them out of Crayola model magic, which is the stuff! Now I just need to figure out a better base for them and a more discrete glue :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gooey Butter Cake

This is a recipe that I will always keep nearby. I can't tell you how many Christmas parties and Sunday school events this dessert has made it to, but it is always a hit and here is the super easy and super fattening recipe, from Paula Deen herself! Enjoy :)

Gooey Butter Cake
Ingredients & Directions:

1 18 1/4-ounce package yellow cake mix
1 egg

8 tablespoons butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine the cake mix, egg, and butter and mix well with an electric mixer. Pat the mixture into the bottom of a lightly greased 13 by 9-inch baking pan. Prepare Filling


1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

8 tablespoons butter, melted

1 16-ounce box powdered sugar

In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the eggs, vanilla, and butter and beat together. Next, add the powdered sugar and mix well. Spread over cake batter and bake for 40 to 50 minutes. Make sure not to over bake as the center should be a little gooey.
Yield: 6 to 8 servings

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 40 minutes
Ease of preparation: easy

Recipe courtesy Paula Deen and Random House Publishing

The door to door salesmen have returned

This is what I felt like doing yesterday. Thankfully I managed to get around it.

Yesterday, Seth and I were enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon. Someone knocked on the door and to our surprise, there was a vacuum cleaner salesman standing before us. I don't know why, but Seth decided to let him go ahead and do his demonstration since we had almost 2 hours before he was due at base for Airborne formation. Anyways, long story short, the guy took forever! Not to mention he used a couple of choice words that I didn't appreciate and I was very glad that we didn't have any kids around to hear them. Needless to say we did not buy the $2600 vacuum, although it was enticing seeing as though I had just vacuumed that morning and he still pulled up a lot of dirt from the carpet, but not $2600 worth! Plus, Seth was almost late to formation because we couldn't get the guy out of our house. Finally we told him he had 30 seconds to pack up his stuff, lol. Even though that sounds mean, we managed to say it in a nice enough way that we were all able to leave on good terms, even though Seth was on the verge of furious since it was the second formation of airborne and he really could NOT be late for it. I have never been as grateful for a Sunday afternoon formation as I was yesterday. Last night I was telling Seth how easy it would be to get sucked into all these "unbelievable" offers, because I am easily convinced about practically anything. So far we have managed to dodge an offer for $1600 "extraordinary" pots and pans, $1200 worth of photo's for a modeling agency and now $2600 for a stinky old vacuum (I don't like vacuuming anyways!). What would our finances look like right now had we accepted everyone "once in a lifetime" offer? I really don't think I want to know. All of this to say, don't get sucked in!!! If I can avoid it, you can too! :) By the way, Seth made it to formation on time and was lucky enough to get to drink an entire canteen of powder drink mix that is more potent than Gatorade and missing the sugar. Being the fan of Gatorade that I am (not) I have only one word to describe that. . .Yum :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crafters Concoctions

In the fall, Seth and I are headed to California for our new duty station. We will have to live on base because of our location, but I am ecstatic about going and being "stuck" on a base. Weird, right? I feel like I am traveling into the twilight zone, back to days where Starbucks and Target didn't exsist. Of course there is a grocery store and I will always be able to get the necesseties, but the big town stores won't be there, and that in itself seems dreamlike. This means you have to really connect with the people around you and become involved in the community. Being the go getter I am (haha, I laugh b/c I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, anyways) I e-mailed some of the principals of the schools on base about potentially starting an after school crafting class for the students. To my surprise, one of the principals wrote back and was very interested in my idea! So, now I am coming up with all kinds of crafts, suitable for elementary-middle school aged kids. I am going to start making one craft a week in order to get a portfolio together for when I get to Cali and also to try out the craft. Hopefully, the hubby and I will be able to make one today and I will post pictures of the new craft in hopes of getting feedback from all of you! And also, if your kids have done any amazing crafts at school, please let me know. I am up for any and all ideas! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

How am I going to ask?. . . and by the way our names are. . .

I am Kathlyn and my husband is Seth (for those who dont know since I have never said!), onto the rest of the story. So today was my first day back at work after two weeks of being gone, a lot of time I know. Now I only have two more weeks left before I leave permanently and of course showing back up today everyone gave me a hard time about being gone for so long (I thought it was funny too, plus I made sure they knew how much I enjoyed vacation). My husband just signed into Airborne school today. The funny part about that is before he got his official date to start class, he was desperately trying to get into airborne school. He was so excited about airborne, thats all I heard about was "getting into airborne school." The morning we were headed to Virginia, he decided to go to base and try one last time to get into airborne. Sure enough, he comes prancing back into the door with an official date. Of course I am thinking, "This is great, congratulations, you got in!" But then the weirdest thing happened. Seth's face changed dramatically from excited to uh oh. He says, "I got into airborne school, what have I done?" As you can imagine, I never in 3 million years would have guessed those words were going to come out of his mouth. I thought he was dying to get into airborne. It brings new meaning to thinking you want what other people have. So for the past two weeks he has kinda been stressing over it. Today he reported for school and with God's help, he had a great peace about it, now he is actually excited to go. So thank goodness he isnt stressed about that anymore! But now that he is at airborne, he cant get off to go to our transportation meeting (which we have to go to if we want to be able to get the Army to move us!) so now, on top of being gone the last two weeks, I have to yet again ask for Tuesday morning off! Aye yai yai. How can I ask that question. Maybe I will have a dream about the outcome and it will come true again! Help!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The last day before the beginning

These last two weeks have been too great to believe I actually experienced them. After OCS, it was nice to just kick off our shoes and pretend for a minute that we were free, young (wait, we actually do have that going for us), rich and traveling the world. Unfortunately, the money ran out yesterday and our time runs out in the morning when the hub signs in for airborne school and I show up (in a new dress from the Gap) at work. I actually had a dream about work last night, and to my surprise they weren't upset that I had called twice last week to push back my return date! I guess we will see tomorrow if reality is as nice as dreaming. I want to enjoy this last day before my life gets the craziest it has ever been. In 3 weeks, I will be packing the car and driving by myself to Virginia, my husband will pack his truck and head to Oklahoma (you know, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains?) He will be training part II for 7 weeks and I will be with family since there are 2 major graduations and a best friends wedding during those weeks (which is why I will be going to Va and not with my husband, bittersweet). And all of that will take place before our 18 week stay in Kentucky! So needless to say, today is the last day before the beginning of complete and utter maddness. I will be living out of a suitcase until October when we reach our final destination! Fun? I think yes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scrub a Dub Dub

Checking the temperature of the soap

We cut the chunks to put into the soap, we are only 1/2 way done!

Ta Da! Final product :)

We got home from our trip last night and seeing as though we had all that time in the car together to talk and think, we decided we wanted to try and make some handmade soap. This was really fun because usually I have these creative epiphanies and I come home and do them myself. Well, this time my husband was interested (he really likes science so I am thinking it had something to do with the mixing, idk). It was time consuming and we stayed up till 1am doing it, but it was so fun and I can't wait to use the bar of soap. I am actually going to give some of it to my friend as a thank you for keeping my dog. It is made from Olive oil glycerin soap and Shea butter soap. We were trying to be as natural as we could given that we made a stop at A.C. Moore for supplies, but there are so many natural soap suppliers on-line these days. Anyways, we had fun and if any of you have kids I think they would love making soap! I think my dog even liked it. Ciao ;)