Friday, February 27, 2009

Sumpin smells stinkay!

Here is how I found Caleb sleeping yesterday. He must have smelled sumpin stinky!

He likes his swing! I found this at a consignment fair for $24.50! I almost paid $100 for one.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The girly ones

My mom brought all kinds of things with her to do a photoshoot of Caleb with. Here are a few that we got yesterday. Seth thinks they are girly, but I think they are adorable! We are going to try again in a couple more days to do another shoot. He sure doesnt like to be naked! He peed all over the fuzzy blanket, through the blanket underneath it and onto the leather couch! He has also already gotten us a few times when we were changing his diaper. The pee pee tee pee went flying off. He is so cute though. We just love having him in our family.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


Nope. No news. My parents came yesterday. I was hoping that would trigger something. . .but nope, not yet at least :(

Saturday, February 14, 2009


These pictures go with my post below.

Here is my uncle Doug and his family. His wife, Susu, is my mom's sister. He is the uncle who just got the job of head football coach.

This is Carl or better known as "Pappy". This is Doug's dad who is fighting cancer. I know it always helps to put a face with a name if you all could keep him and the family in your prayers.

This is my uncle Paul (my mom's brother) and his family. He is the baseball coach at the highschool and also will help Doug with football.

This is my sister, Donna, Nichole (Doug's daughter, the one who plays soccer at college now)and me at Halloween. These are our cheerleading outfits to cheer on our uncles who played together at the same time.

I call Uncle!!!

To get off of the baby train for a minute. My uncle, Doug, found out this week that he got the job of head football coach at a highschool in my hometown. He has worked there for 17 years and has always helped coach until last year when he took time off to take care of his dad who is fighting cancer and to watch his daughter play her first year of college soccer. The newspaper back home wrote a great article on him and I just had to share it with you all. I also have another uncle, Paul (my moms brother), who is the head baseball coach at the same school. Paul was the pitcher and quarterback at Liberty University, the school Seth and I both graduated from. He was a great player, one of the best LU has ever had (yes I am bragging!). My papa taught him how to play sports and the most incredible part about that is my papa has been on crutches since the age of 4, due to polio. I love my family so much and am proud to link this article :) I have some sports fanatic uncles I believe!!!

Please keep Doug's dad in your prayers as he is fighting cancer. He was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night and they are doing everything they can to help him right now. Not a Valentines Day they were hoping to have.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Update for ya

Okay, for all of yall wondering, I am still pregnant. Which means, I have not had this baby. I am now just praying that he will come out soon and trying very hard to relax and be patient. Thankfully, Seth has a four day weekend so it has been very nice having him home to keep my mind off of my belly. I have had some mild, irregular contractions (which is a new progression) but besides that I am pretty much where I was the beginning of the week. We went out for early Valentines last night (just in case something happens tonight or tomorrow!) and we had a lot of fun. I got a steak and salad and a box of chocolate and a very hilarious card. This little baby better come before tomorrow though, I bought him a Valentine outfit!!! So, Happy Valentines Day to you all. I am hoping for a baby boy as a present :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I fixed it!

For those of you who had a hard time getting the pictures from the nursery to load, I reloaded them, so hopefully they work this time!

Also, TODAY IS MY DUE DATE!!! FEBRUARY 11,2009 the day we have been waiting for since June 13 (when we found out we were having a baby). June 13, 2008 was a Friday the 13th, and guess what? This Friday is a Friday the 13th too! Ahhhh! Thankfully I am not superstitious :) But truly I want to go to the hospital. . . NOW! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So my doctors appt went good. I am 75% effaced, 1-2 cm dilated and his head is engaged. So pretty much is could be any day now! Tomorrow is my due date. It would be pretty crazy if he comes on my due date. My mom thinks he will come tomorrow or Thursday. I really hope she is right!!! I am going to meet my friend for Mexican today. She just moved here and we live right down the road from each other! I have heard some stories of Mexican putting some women into labor. I will get the really hot salsa :)

And this is a ridiculous video. I hope you enjoy!

Baby Wade's Casa

The sign I made to put on our hospital door.

These are some of the cards from my baby shower and that is the diaper bag with all of his little clothes for the hospital, just ready and waiting!

I stripe painted the shelf, which took a lot longer than I would ever have wanted it to! And that of course is our re-done furniture that we are very proud of.

The picture on the right is a cork board that I found at Goodwill. I covered it in polka dot fabric and glued wooden animals to it. I am going to put his pictures on it when he gets here. The picture over his crib is a bag from my shower that I framed with a frame that I bought on clearance at TJMaxx and painted green.

I took an old canvas that I had and glued letters on it that I had drawn and cut out of scrapbook paper. I think this is my favorite picture in the room.


These are vintage posters from different parts of the world. I printed them out and hung them with clothes pins on a rope.

The little desk in the right corner was bought for $7 from the post thrift store. It is vintage and I LOVE it! Seth cleaned it up real good for me. The little nursery rhyme characters above the shelf are also vintage from Goodwill. I found them brand new in their 1970's packaging. The globe is being borrowed from my family. It was either my mom or dads, so that would make it vintage too (sorry mama and daddy, it only takes 20 years to make something vintage and since you guys are 30, it is vintage!!!)
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Here is Seth, trying to figure out how the carseat goes in. Who would have thought it could be so complicated??? P.S. This smile is SOOO fake!

Almost 40 weeks and ready!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

here I go. . .again

To the doctors that is. I am on my way to my 40 week check up. I hope they have some good news! Why am I suddenly so very anxious??? My original due date is February 11th, but they gave me a new one at 35 weeks of February 8th (which was yesterday). So when will it be? The full moon is tonight, so we shall see. But really I am just hoping they say I am dilated and effaced and could go any minute!!!

Also, if I don't have him today (haha, which I am sure I won't), I am going to try and post my nursery pics. I took them yesterday and want to show you guys. There are a couple of things missing because his name is still top secret. I just love going in his room and looking through the drawers of clothes. I have packed and re-packed his hospital bag. Am I crazy or were any of you guys this anxious and excited??? I just want to see him! Who does he look like??? Ahhhhhh!!! I HAVE GOT to calm down and get my mind off of him, but how??? Oh babies babies babies:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tick tock

37 weeks, first picture in the nursery (even though I changed the map out for another picture)

38 weeks (the day our power went out, little did I know it would be out for 6 days!!! I would not have been smiling so big!)

38 weeks and 6 days, so pretty much 39 weeks (this is the day I went for my 39 week doctors appt)

And this is a super sexy picture of me in my hot robe (that I have to wear in my 68 degree home). It doesn't get any hotter than this!!!

Just waiting for this baby to come. No symptoms yet, so it could still be a while. However, the nursery is done, the house is cleaned, the groceries are bought! Now I hope to enjoy one more weekend with just Seth and I and have this baby next week. It is supposed to be so warm here and it would be the perfect weather for having a little baby :) I have a new poll up, so be sure to vote. AND HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!

OH and also. . . Monday night, I dropped tea all over my phone and it would not work! I have had this phone for almost 2 years and have never had any problems with it. Then, at probably the worst time in my life so far to break my phone, I did! How was I going to call Seth if I went into labor? How was I going to get everyones numbers to call and tell them we had the baby from a phone that doesnt work??? I finally got it somewhat working, but only if I used it while it was plugged into the wall. The battery would not charge and I thought I was doomed. There are only 3 Alltel stores in Kentucky and needless to say, none of them are near us. Plus, right now we really don't have that kind of extra money to buy a new phone. Even though we have insurance, it is still $50 + and I was sooooooo upset. So, last night I asked God for a miracle. I talked to Him and told Him that we just could not afford a new phone for me and asked Him if He would please miraculously fix my phone. This morning, I woke up and plugged my phone in. . . and guess what??? IT WORKS!!! It charges, the light turns green and it works!!! God heard me and answered my prayer. This might be silly to some of you, but it is just a reminder to me that if God cares about the silly things in my life, like my phone, how much more does he care about the big things in my life??? I had to share that with you all because God is just so good and sometimes all He wants from us is for us to ask for His help :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today will be productive???

There is something about this baby coming that has made Seth and I decide to change a few things, and I have made my own "resolutions". First and foremost is our budget. We have made these new rules for ourselves:
1. No more Starbucks
2. We can only eat out once on the weekends, instead of 3-4 like we usually like doing
3. No more movie rentals
Number three kinda just got resolved because I discovered (thanks to Josh and Lisa, the ones who were so nice to let us stay with them) that the library on post has a plethora of movies that I can check out for FREE! Granted, they aren't first run, but they have a lot of movies that are still on the new release walls at Blockbuster!
We have also decided on some other things to help keep our spending down.
1. Keep our heat set at 68 degrees (this was suggested by our electric man!) Sometimes it gets a little chilly, but that is when I go put on my big robe and slippers!
2. Turn the water heater down.
3. Cut back on how much laundry I do a week. I could get used to that one, haha. But really we are just waiting until we get full loads of wash before doing it.
4. Keep our fans on. This one was from my dad. There is a switch on the light part of your fan where you can have the fan spin clockwise or counter clockwise. In the summer you want the air blowing down on you, but in the winter you want to switch it to the other direction so that it blows the hot air down. For our fans, that means they need to spin clockwise.
5. Unplug everything that we don't use on a day to day basis. This includes our toaster and coffee pot. I just plug them in when I need to use them.
6. Buy our meat, cheese, toilet paper (sorry to group the toilet paper with the foods, haha) and a few other bulk items from Sams club. We were very careful before we made this decision. But after comparing, Sams meat was way less than the grocery store! I paid $2.88 lb for hamburger meat and $1.79 lb for chicken breasts. It was a big chunk of money to pay at one time, but I have enough meat for the rest of the month!!!
7. Keep all lights off except for in the rooms we are in, and then we only use lamps which we have switched all the bulbs out for high efficiency ones.
We will see how this works when we get our bills next month. Hopefully it will make a difference. Do you guys have any money saving ideas? I am up for ANYTHING!

I also have decided to cut back, way back on the amount of time I spend on the computer. I have become addicted and have found that I can't get everything done in the day that I would like to, all because I can't pull myself away from the computer. Therefore I have limited myself to 1 hour on the computer a day!!! Unless I am doing etsy or ebay, but other than that, I get one hour!!! It is like torture right now,but I will get used to it. PLUS, I have a feeling in a few days here I will not be able to get on the computer very much anyways. But do not worry, I will still be keeping up with my blog.

Now for the baby update. I went to the doctor yesterday. She said I was 60% effaced and that it didn't look like anything would happen in the next few days, but that babies have been known to prove her wrong quite often. That is fine though. I still have a small list of things to get done and since this past weekend was so crazy with the weather, it would be nice to have at least one more weekend with my Sethy before the madness begins!!! Plus, my parents really won't be able to come until after Friday. My mom has a tooth to get fixed and my dad has a timber sale. So little baby, it would be nice if you could float around in there for about 3 or 4 more days at least (haha). However, if he did decide to come before the weekend, I would be ecstatic!!!

Okay and lastly, I took these pics of our office a few weeks ago but forgot to post them. I figured I should go ahead and do it now. This is the room that was FILLED with boxes. I mean filled so much that I could only take about 3 steps in the door and that was all the floor space we had. This is where I will set up my sewing machine when I get it and this is also where I sit in the floor and do all my crafting. It is nice to have a room just for school and crafts :) The room is nothing spectacular, it is just the accomplishment of getting the entire room finished!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Gravy in the Mornin'!

I don't know whether or not to ever go back home. This is how it goes, Seth and I sike ourselves up to getting in the car and driving over to our house to check and see if the power is still on. We have been doing this since the power went out Wednesday morning. Each time so far, we have pulled into a neighborhood of deserted houses. This morning was yet another terrible let down. So now, I think it best to never go back so I don't have to be so disappointed. . . and mad!!! Seth went to the office and explained how desperate we were to have power. How they had told us 2-5 days and today is day 6, how his wife is a week from her due date and we can't bring a baby back to a dark, freezing house, yadda yadda. We were told that they were "working in the area" today. So, what does that mean? It probably means that they were trying to appease Seth enough to leave the office calmly and that was the greatest thing they could think of to say. Why am I being so pessimistic??? I am just ready to be back home!!! Thankfully our friends Josh and Lisa have been gracious enough to let us stay in their home. They have a lot going on this week and I know that having live-in's is probably not what they envisioned, but they have been so nice to give us a warm place to stay. Thank you guys!!!

On the baby end of things, tomorrow is my 39 week check up. I don't think I have had any signs of labor. They will check and see if I am dilated at all and whatever else they do. I am excited to go since I missed my 38 week check up. I am hoping this one will be my last one (if the power comes back on!) I am so ready to meet this little guy and to not feel like a beluga whale walking around, and I will be especially excited when I can roll over in the bed without having to get up on all fours! I have forgotten what it feels like to not have 7 pounds hanging onto the front of your stomach and 43 extra pounds all over the rest of my body! I am enjoying my last few days of cheese burgers and ice cream because I have already committed myself to much healthier eating once I have incentive, and that incentive will be having this baby! Anyone have any baby weight losing tips? For now I am over and out.

Yours Truly,
Out of my house, without a paddle