Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Wade's Casa

The sign I made to put on our hospital door.

These are some of the cards from my baby shower and that is the diaper bag with all of his little clothes for the hospital, just ready and waiting!

I stripe painted the shelf, which took a lot longer than I would ever have wanted it to! And that of course is our re-done furniture that we are very proud of.

The picture on the right is a cork board that I found at Goodwill. I covered it in polka dot fabric and glued wooden animals to it. I am going to put his pictures on it when he gets here. The picture over his crib is a bag from my shower that I framed with a frame that I bought on clearance at TJMaxx and painted green.

I took an old canvas that I had and glued letters on it that I had drawn and cut out of scrapbook paper. I think this is my favorite picture in the room.


These are vintage posters from different parts of the world. I printed them out and hung them with clothes pins on a rope.

The little desk in the right corner was bought for $7 from the post thrift store. It is vintage and I LOVE it! Seth cleaned it up real good for me. The little nursery rhyme characters above the shelf are also vintage from Goodwill. I found them brand new in their 1970's packaging. The globe is being borrowed from my family. It was either my mom or dads, so that would make it vintage too (sorry mama and daddy, it only takes 20 years to make something vintage and since you guys are 30, it is vintage!!!)
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Here is Seth, trying to figure out how the carseat goes in. Who would have thought it could be so complicated??? P.S. This smile is SOOO fake!

Almost 40 weeks and ready!!!


Newmans Wildcats said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa and Josh said...

Wow! The nursery looks great!!!

Chelsea {& Dan} said...

the first pictures aren't coming up :O(

his room looks AWESOME! but where's the crib? heheh.

anyday, YAY!!!