Saturday, January 31, 2009

nursery sneak peak plus some

Before. . .

After. . .

Also, we have been able to find a great Sunday school, thank goodness. Good churches are hard to find when you move around a lot, but Seth and I are so excited about finding such a great one! A couple of weeks ago they gave us a baby shower. Can you believe that? And they don't even know us very well. This church is the true definition of what a church family should be. They are always checking on each other and bringing dinners to those who have lost loved ones or had babies. They are just always looking for ways to serve and we just love them. This is the adorable cake that Kelli and Amanda got for the shower. And let me just tell you, it was one of the yummiest I have ever eaten!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of Power

We have been without power since Wednesday at 11am! After toughing it out for one night in a freezing cold house, we packed up and headed south. . .to Nashville! Seth's sister lives here and we were able to see her. We turned it into a mini vacation. Our last hoorah before the little guy makes his debut (which could be any day now!). We have had a blast. Unfortunately, our budget won't allow us to vacation past tomorrow so we are going to head back home and hope by that time that our power has come back on. Please pray that it does!!! We have a few more things to get done before this baby gets here and they are kinda hard to do with no electricity. The post has all of their power back, so I am thinking it is only a matter of time before we do. Anyways, that is my update for ya. I hope none of you are without your power, and of course if you are you won't be reading this for a while. Later gators!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is a local picture I found on our news website. Icy!

We are stuck in our house!!! We havent gone anywhere since we got back from the hospital Monday morning at 4am. It snowed Sunday night and since Seth was sick, we didn't attempt getting out on Monday. Then, Monday night we got a layer of ice on top of the snow. I can't even walk outside! It is pure ice. The 4WD truck next door was sliding all over trying to get out of our neighborhood. Infact, they have even closed base for today because we now have another layer of snow on top of the ice, on top of the snow!!! I don't think I am going to make it to my 38 week check up this week. Oh well. I am having no signs of labor anyways so I will just keep praying that things stay that way at least till Sunday when it is supposed to be in the mid 40's. A ton of people have lost power, but thankfully we haven't! Craziness around here. Although it has been fun that Seth has had the whole week off so far. We are getting everything ready fot the baby. We even packed up the diaper bag to take with us! Btw, what should be on my checklist for my suitcase and the baby's diaper bag??? Your lists will be greatly appreciated, especially since a lot of you have little babies and you just went through what I am about to! Stay warm!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vintage Chic

Look at this cute website I came across. It is way out of my price range, but its still fun to look!

On another note, I was in the ER with Seth and his yucky stomach bug all night. That is one thing I love about military life. . . free doctors visits and medicine! That is if you can stand waiting for them to get to you. I am so tired but can't sleep. When we were at the hospital I told him I thought this should be the other way around! He wasn't laughing then, but I think I will be able to get him to laugh about it soon. They gave him an IV and lots of medicine. He is still sleeping, but I think he is feeling better. We shall see.

On the last note, it snowed here. . .again!!! We just got rid of the snow from last week only to get another dose of it. Brrrr, it is so cold here! I hope it doesnt snow the day we go to the hospital, but for me this time!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We are having a red head

Thanks Christie for putting this on your blog. Kinda funny, huh? Personally I think he looks more like me, but that is just my opinion. In 2 1/2 weeks we will know!!!

What do you think about my little new baby Baby Wade? - What will your baby look like?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Cake Hat

Here is the baby's first birthday cake hat! It ties under the chin and it is so cute. I am goin to put it on my etsy along with a pink one for a girl, but I have to make that one. You can bet that baby Wade will have one of these on his head in a year :)
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I made it! This one doesn't have polka dots (but can) and is obviously the baby girl cake hat.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

Oh I am so sad. I can't go back to sleep. My mom and Cammy are leaving to go back home today. The time went by so fast and we had such a great time. We went to a boutique here called Fiddlesticks for babies and my mom bought baby Wade his Easter outfit. It is so cute that I can barely wait to see it on him. We also went shopping in Louisville and found Cammy a Strasburg dress for my sisters wedding for a great price. She looked so cute in it. Now all she says she needs is a Snow White costume, haha, (which I am currently looking for on ebay!). Last night, all of us went to the Japanese restaurant as a big finale. Yummy deliciousness. I have already cried a couple of times and it is barely 6am. I have been up since 4 and I just don't want them to leave! I know my parents will be back in about 3 weeks when I have the baby, but that makes me even more sad. It is something about the thought of what we will go through between now and 3 weeks that makes me scared (hmmm, whatever could it be???)! I keep thinking, "The next time I see her, there will be three of us, not two!" I feel like a little homesick child that needs her parents. Hormones??? Anyways, to make myself feel better I am going to make birthday hats (weird right?). It will all make sense when I post a pic. I hope to put some on my etsy, which really needs to be updated! Anyways, missed you all this week. I think I finally caught up on all of your blogs. Seems like everyone is busy busy. Talk to ya soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something Exciting is in the Air!!!

What is it you ask??? My mom and Cammy are here!!! Surprise for me!!! I don't know how long they are going to stay, but I hope for a while. Maybe they should just hang around until this baby comes and save themselves a trip :) Writing all of this to let you know that I might be missing the next few days. We are going to take a trip to Louisville and eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Oh! I am having fun :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh just something to write

Sorry, nothing extremely exciting going on over here. I do have the nursery 3/4 done! I wanted to post a sneak peak picture, but my battery charger broke! I have my 36 week check up today. I have to have some kind of virus check done (I can't remember the name). Standard procedure though. Tonight is the night that I don't have to cook and we get to eat junk food. Like McDonalds or pizza and dessert, woo hoo! Plus, Seth is supposed to get off early which makes for a less boring day for me because he always likes to go do something fun when he gets off work early, like go to Barnes and Nobles for sweet drinks and magazines :) Lastly, we are on season 1 of LOST. My brother and sister-in-law are addicted and told us that we should watch it. So, we are! We still have quite a lot to catch up on. I don't know if we will be able to do it before the new season starts, but we are trying. It is such a good show though. If you don't want to get addicted, don't even watch one!AND. . . today is FRIDAY! So everyone have a great weekend. Bundle up if it is cold where you are (we stayed at about 17 degrees all day yesterday!!! burrrrrr). Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bummer and a Banana

On Tuesday morning my mom called. She said, "Okay, I am going to tell you about the surprise that you aren't going to get!" What does that mean? So she goes on to tell me that her and little miss Cammy were all packed up Monday night to leave and come here for a surprise visit! So why didn't they come? Well, Cammy woke up in the middle of the night with her throat and ear hurting. She couldn't go back to sleep so my mom sat up with her in the living room while they watched TV. Cammy went to the doctor the next day and they said she had a lot of fluid in her ears. At this point my mom couldn't even come by herself because she hadn't slept all night. Plus, she can't come the rest of the week because they are calling for snowy, icy weather where I live and on the roads from my family's house to my house. I was so upset to hear about it :( I really would have liked them to come visit. Especially now that I am getting bigger by the day and don't really feel like doing much of anything! Oh well, at least I know that in about a month they will be here to see the baby.

Now onto the banana. This has been my staple. A peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich! Seth thinks that it is one of my weird food cravings from being pregnant, but I told him that I grew up eating these sandwiches. They are so very yummy. I keep bananas on hand at all times! You have to try them if you never have.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Belly Portraits

My mom is multi-talented. Not only can she make anything you could think of (food, clothes, decorations, etc)she can also take pictures. These are from Thanksgiving, I was 29 weeks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

These are a few of my beauty. . .ful things

No, I am not a beauty expert or the queen of beauty products by any means, but I thought if I was ever going to do this post it should be now before my beauty regiment gets changed to "whatever the heck I can get my hair and face looking like and take care of that baby!"

So on that note, here are a few of my favorite beauty selections!

1. Wal-Mart brand of the Oil of Olay exfoliating face wipes. These are great! They have a ton to choose from. I like the little exfoliater beads on these though. I just take a wipe and wipe my face. It doesn't get the eye make-up off, but no need to fear, I have a solution for that as well. These are perfect if you hate washing your face (pretty much if you are lazy and just want to go to bed!)

2. Maybelline eye make-up remover for waterproof mascara. No, I do not use waterproof mascara, however they have two different kinds. One is for regular mascara (in the blue bottle) and the other is for waterproof (in the pink bottle). The one for the regular mascara is terrible! It does NOT take eye make-up off! So I tried the other one and it works like a charm. You just have to wipe the extra cleaner off with water. My favorite is still Mary Kay's eye make-up remover, but for $3.50, this one is a steal!

3. Proactiv face lotion. This summer, after fighting with breakouts on my face since high school, I decided to give into one of those TV commercials and order me some Proactiv. I didn't think it would work for me because nothing had, but I gave it a try. After two months of using it, my face was clear as a whistle! No bumps! I use to use the wash, toner and lotion, but I ran out of the wash and toner and started just using the lotion for a while. Well guess what? Just using the lotion everyday has kept my acne from returning, so I am sold! There is a brand at Wal-Mart and Target called Acne Free which has the same exact ingredient as Proactiv and is much cheaper, so I will be getting that when I need a replacement. Just make sure you use white towels to wipe your hands off with after applying and if you put it on before bed, use a white pillow case to sleep on. It is benzoyl peroxide, so after time it will lighten fabrics. But it is amazing!

4. Maybelline Colossal Mascara. If you like mascara but don't like standing there forever waiting to get a good enough coat on, this is a time saver. Just a few swipes of this gives you thick lashes and it is much better than having to stand there and keep reapplying to get a good enough coat. My new favorite!

5. Wet n' Wild lip gloss. I have tried a million different lip glosses, and this brand rocks. Plus, they are the cheapest! I like it better than my Victoria's Secret and Estee Lauder glosses. I get it in a bronze color. I would tell you the exact name except that I lost mine on the plane ride home from Texas and have yet to make it to the PX for more. Wal-Mart does not sell this brand anymore, boo! You have to get it at Kmart, or the PX here on base sells it as well. If you like lip gloss, you will love this kind. Plus, with a price of $1.99 you can't help but at least give it a shot :)

6. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo. I am sure the conditioner is just as good. Unfortunately, I went in and bought what I thought was the conditioner. I got in the shower and realized I had accidentally bought the shampoo instead! However, it works like a charm. It is a really creamy shampoo, but it doesn't weigh my hair down like other moisturizing shampoo's. Plus it smells fantastic.

Okay, have I bored you enough yet??? There are so many other things I love but not enough time to write about them. These are my favorites right now though so I thought I would share. I am interested to see my beauty edition post a few months from now. Will it change? I will just have to wait and see!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am putting our baby book together. It is more difficult than one might think. All the names of relatives, the pictures you are supposed to put in there. I just hope after I have him I can go back in and fill out all the stuff that I can't now. If I knew his name, that would help too, but I need to see him first before we make our decision. He has to look like what we call him, ya know? I am finishing up one of the pieces of furniture today and I am so excited to take the painters tape off and see our work of art! The question is, will is turn out as a piece of art or a piece of yuck? I also need to wash all the baby clothes. . . in dreft? Or can I use regular? If I use dreft can I use a snuggle fabric sheet? Do you even wash the brand new ones too??? Help! I also want to get one of those banners to put across the door that says, "IT'S A BOY!" and I want to get blue bubble gum cigars, haha. I can't wait until 5 more weeks when I can call everyone and say, "Had a baby its a boy!" really quick and then hang up. Oh I am a dork. (You will only get that joke if you remember the collect commercial from a couple years back.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slinky Sam

Here is our adorable nephew, Samuel. He was trying to get the slinky on the table and was having a hard time. Seth was trying to help him but we wouldn't let him. We all were being mean and wanted to see Samuel get it on there himself!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

36 days to go!

Baby Belly at 34 weeks Today we went for our ultrasound to weigh the baby. My doctor was worried that he was measuring two weeks too small. However, the ultrasound tech. said he was a perfectly healthy baby and that if he came out today, he would be just fine. She said that right now he is weighing about 5lb 14oz and that he will gain 1/2 lb a week from here on out (on average). So that hopefully means I will not be having a 10 lb baby! She thinks he will be in the 8's somewhere, so that is a good number for me :) What a relief though! We are so happy that nothing is wrong. I also went to a LeLeche League meeting last night and I learned a lot about breastfeeding and labor and delivery. I am so glad that I went. 5 weeks from tomorrow! Ahhhhh!

Here is a video of my belly moving. I hope you can tell that he is kicking! I was trying to keep the camera real still.

Monday, January 5, 2009


If you are having a hard time seeing the picture, click it to enlarge, it is worth the extra few seconds!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Falling in Love. . .

with prayer.

Since we finally finished the office, Seth and I decided to go and spend some time up there tonight enjoying our new, open space and reading our devotions. We have both really struggled here lately with spending time with God. It always seems like when things get busy, our quiet time is the first thing that gets neglected. I didn't plan on making a new years resolution, but this seams like the best time than any other to re-devote time each day to reading my Bible and praying. I found a few books while we were organizing the office that I had been wanting to read. The one I chose tonight was "Falling in Love with Prayer" by Mike Macintosh. I decided to share with you some things that were inspirational to me. Just maybe I am not the only one who struggles with my devotion time.

"Isn't is interesting that it is our choice whether to establish that link between us and God, and between God and us? We can decide to speak with God and hear from him or to reject any dialogue with him."

"Like me, you may look back on your childhood and adolescence as a time of excitement, fun and endless anticipation of what might happen next. For most of us though, the adventurous times of our lives begin to fade when we finish school and start to establish families and build careers. Eventually we all "settle down." Soon we find that a sense of monotony, predictability, and repetition has begun to creep into many aspects of our lives, including our spiritual lives. Prater becomes a religious activity, a ritual, something that only old folks enjoy doing because they probably don't have anything else to do. Or so we rationalize."

I don't know if that hits the nail on the head for any of you, but it really did with me. I am very interested to read this book and I hope to share more with you from it as I learn new things about prayer and God. As Dr. Falwell would say, "Nothing of eternal importance is ever accomplished aside from prayer." And as Billy Graham would say, "Pray unceasingly." Two great men who accomplished great things.

Tonight Seth and I made our 2 year timeline, filled with goals that we have set for ourselves. Our first timeline ran out a few months ago and we surprisingly stuck to it and accomplished the goals from that one, now we are looking forward to doing the same with this one. We named it "Operation: Our Plan Needs Prayer." We realize that aside from prayer, our goals will never get accomplished. I have self-diagnosed A.D.D. so now I just need to paste the words "REMEMBER TO PRAY TODAY?" on my bathroom mirror, car dash, fridge, computer screen, TV and forehead. I might should just have it permanently tattooed to myself :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What we've been doing

I could really get used to Seth staying at home all week! We have gotten so much done. The two rooms upstairs that have been driving us crazy are looking pretty good! I can't tell you how many nights I have gone to bed thinking that those rooms were never going to get done. When Seth's two friends came in town, they helped him move all the heavy stuff out and it took them about 15 minutes. So yesterday, Seth and I spent all afternoon setting up his desk, setting up my keyboard and organizing the closets. The office area is done!!! Today, we are finally painting the baby's furniture. We did a test strip last night though, and the paint is way too light. Seth has taken the paint to see if they can make it a little bit darker. Today we will paint and hang our curtains. Oh I am just so excited to not have to worry about that. And we still have 5 1/2 weeks to spare!

Also, my back is feeling so much better. I guess the little booger moved. Last night I dreamed that I had him early and he had red, curly hair. He looked just like my little brother did when he was born except he had a wider face and he weighted 11 pounds and 14 ounces!!!! AHHHHHHHH! I felt really bad for Seth because the baby looked nothing like him. Thankfully it was just a dream.

So, if anyone has any ideas on how I can stop being so anxious to have this little guy, please do tell. I know that now is Seth and mine's last chance to spend alone time together. We have been taking advantage of it. We went to a new Japanese restaurant last night and then Barnes and Nobles to look at magazines (one of my very favorite things to do) Then we stayed up until 2am watching movies. Oh, why do the fun days have to end??? Seth has to go to work Sunday after church and then Monday starts the regular work week. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I will post the before and after photos of the babies furniture. Hopefully the after will look better than the before! Ciao!