Sunday, January 4, 2009

Falling in Love. . .

with prayer.

Since we finally finished the office, Seth and I decided to go and spend some time up there tonight enjoying our new, open space and reading our devotions. We have both really struggled here lately with spending time with God. It always seems like when things get busy, our quiet time is the first thing that gets neglected. I didn't plan on making a new years resolution, but this seams like the best time than any other to re-devote time each day to reading my Bible and praying. I found a few books while we were organizing the office that I had been wanting to read. The one I chose tonight was "Falling in Love with Prayer" by Mike Macintosh. I decided to share with you some things that were inspirational to me. Just maybe I am not the only one who struggles with my devotion time.

"Isn't is interesting that it is our choice whether to establish that link between us and God, and between God and us? We can decide to speak with God and hear from him or to reject any dialogue with him."

"Like me, you may look back on your childhood and adolescence as a time of excitement, fun and endless anticipation of what might happen next. For most of us though, the adventurous times of our lives begin to fade when we finish school and start to establish families and build careers. Eventually we all "settle down." Soon we find that a sense of monotony, predictability, and repetition has begun to creep into many aspects of our lives, including our spiritual lives. Prater becomes a religious activity, a ritual, something that only old folks enjoy doing because they probably don't have anything else to do. Or so we rationalize."

I don't know if that hits the nail on the head for any of you, but it really did with me. I am very interested to read this book and I hope to share more with you from it as I learn new things about prayer and God. As Dr. Falwell would say, "Nothing of eternal importance is ever accomplished aside from prayer." And as Billy Graham would say, "Pray unceasingly." Two great men who accomplished great things.

Tonight Seth and I made our 2 year timeline, filled with goals that we have set for ourselves. Our first timeline ran out a few months ago and we surprisingly stuck to it and accomplished the goals from that one, now we are looking forward to doing the same with this one. We named it "Operation: Our Plan Needs Prayer." We realize that aside from prayer, our goals will never get accomplished. I have self-diagnosed A.D.D. so now I just need to paste the words "REMEMBER TO PRAY TODAY?" on my bathroom mirror, car dash, fridge, computer screen, TV and forehead. I might should just have it permanently tattooed to myself :)


Lisa and Josh said...

That totally hits home to me! I am going through the same thing right now. Good idea writing "remember to pray" on your mirror! I might steal that one if you don't mind!

Richard Hull said...

Just as a way of some additional info. There is a man named E.M. Bounds who wrote eight books on prayer that are very good. They are just small paperbacks. You can get each one separately or they have been compiled into one volume called, The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer.

Also, on December 28, I taught a Sunday School lesson called, God's Formula for Success in the New Year. It is on my blog at Just thought it might be a help. I, too, struggle with making time for God. Thanks for your transparency and your honesty. I will add you and Mr. Seth to my prayer list and, hopefully, you will do the same for me.

Newmans Wildcats said...

Remember to pray, remember to lock the door, brush teeth, get into jammies, take a shower. Just teasing.

I'm so glad for that post cause its just what I needed to work on my relationship with God and Jesus.