Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Truly Sanctuary Giveaway!

I just love a good giveaway!  
I came across TrulySanctuary on etsy and I thought their shop was very fun and unique.  
They have baby and kid clothing and really cute totes that would be perfect for summer beach trips.
They have a very cute story about how they got started.
TrulySanctuary has been kind enough to offer one reader their choice of any one item in their shop!  How great is that?

All of the images are available on any tshirt, onesie, or tote!

We are Ron and Bethany Remsberg…TrulySanctuary is run out of our home currently in Lakeland Florida. We came up with the concept on July, 4th 2008. Ron had been going to school full-time while slinging coffee to make ends meet. Along with the arrival of our daughter Truly Louise, this was becoming a busy first year of marriage. The 4th of July rolled around (Our first major holiday as a family) and because of Ron’s busy schedule he was going to miss out on the festivities. When he left for work that day it was clear he was extremely down. I had to think of something not just to cheer him up, but to let him know we were thinking about him and proud of what he was doing for our family. A silly picture of Ron wearing a fake mustache and a bandana on his head in an Aunt Jemima fashion instantly came to mind and I knew what I had to do.

That night Ron was greeted by his 3 month old daughter wearing a onesie with that silly picture of him right on the front. He instantly felt great…it was personal; it made him laugh and feel loved! That night we couldn’t stop thinking of the different onesies we wanted to make for our daughter, then for our friend’s kids…it didn’t take long to realize that we were on to something. 

Of course we’ve come a long way from that first silly onesie made on our bathroom counter with my mother-in- law’s iron and some store bought transfer paper. We now offer a gorgeous top of the line product fit for any baby boutique. ..Any baby! Our goal has not only been quality, but to continuously provide a new stream of the most unique, fun and quirky baby and toddler clothes out on the market. 

To enter:
1.Visit TrulySanctuary's shop and come back to tell us what your favorite item is!
2. If you are a follower, you have a second chance to win :)  Just leave me a second comment saying so.  If you aren't a follower, I would love for you to follow me around!

The winner will be chosen Tuesday.

My Newest Sponsor

Not only is Mississippi Mud my newest sponsor, she is my first sponsor and I am so excited to have her on board. She is a fellow military spouse with an eye for fabulous jewelry and her blog is so cute.  
Being a mom with a baby sitting on my hip more often than not, Mississippi Mud's Baby Momma Necklace is a winner. 
Mississippi Mud describes it as BABY PROOF and KID FRIENDLY! Kids love the feeling of satin and trying to get their gums on the wooden beads. You don't have to worry about them breaking it or getting it dirty because you can soak it in water to clean it! 

This turquoise one is my favorite!

I really like the  

Crochet Wire Collection - Copper Pearls Duo necklace and bracelet as well. Her jewelry is so unique and beautiful!

Be sure to take a visit over to Mississippi Mud and tell me what your favorite is!

And thank you Sarah for being my first sponsor- I am so excited :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spice it up

If you have a plain tshirt- adding a ruffle to the front can spice it up a bit.  I love shirt makeovers because instead of having to buy a new shirt, you can transform one you already have.  If any of you give it a try, I would LOVE to see what you come up with :)

To do this shirt, I took a white piece of cotton fabric, about 2 inches wide and serged the edges.  
Then I pinned it doubling over each other in a pleated sort of form (this is where you can get creative).  Next, I sewed a straight line right down the middle and pressed it really good afterwards.  You could also just sew a ruffle right down the middle too, or you could wind it around and make a flower to sew onto your tshirt.  Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with all your plain T's and don't forget to show us what you come up with!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

And the winner is...

#40- Redfuzzycow!  Congratulations :) Please email me with your mailing info and your soap will be shipped asap!!!  I have two new giveaways planned for the near future that I really think you will like.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Came across this today

Please pray for Rachel.  A marine wife and a new mommy who lost her husband last week, I can't imagine.  

Monday, March 22, 2010

Twilight Goats Milk Soap Giveaway

MeaCulpaBodyandBath is offering one lucky reader a chance to win her Twilight Goats Milk Soap

This soap is gentle, lathers beautifully and is going to leave your skin nice and hydrated. Treat yourself and your senses with the best, while taking care of your body.

Bars are between 3.5 and 4 oz

Castor oil adds moisturizing;

Safflower Oil is a highly moisturizing oil with an exceptionally high amount of Oleic acids, deeply soothing and one of the best choices for skin moisturizing;

Glycerin is a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft. It is especially good for sensitive skin. Glycerin soap does not contain synthetic ingredients that will cause skin irritations. It keeps your skin looking AND feeling healthy and soft.

The low pH level of goat milk is close to our skin’s own pH. Goat milk also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which are known for their restorative and rejuvenating qualities

This soap sounds wonderful to me!

To enter this giveaway (please leave a seperate comment for each entry):
1. Become a follower of my blog. 
2. Become a fan of MeaCulpaBodyandBath on Facebook
3. Visit MeaCulpaBodyandBath and let us know what your favorite product is!
4. Retweet this blog post (Push the retweet button at the top right of post)
Winner will be chosen Friday!

I'm Wanted

Sometimes I'm wanted... like really wanted

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Downtown Coffee

This morning, Caleb and I met up with a few friends downtown.  First we went to Fountain City to get some coffee.
It was so nice outside so we all sat at the bistro tables, drank our coffee and got to know each other.  Caleb also met a 5 month old little boy and a 7 month old little boy who was bigger than him!
 Then we all headed right down the street to the beautiful Riverwalk.  It was such a great morning and I was sad when we all had to say goodbye.
 I hope when the weather decides to stay nice that many more Saturday coffee's are in store for me and Caleb.
  These are some pictures I took of downtown and around :)

All the gals

Sneaking up behind my friend Sarah, who is always waiting for us :-/

A very interesting park bench

I feel like this was a prop from "The Music Man"

The old theatre, reminds me of the one in "The Notebook"

In May, the farmers market starts up downtown and I am really looking forward to it.  My friend Sarah and I are thinking about renting our own booth :)  I hope I can get it together enough to follow through with that!

I also hope you all had just as nice of weather as we did.  May your Saturday be filled with friends, chit chat and good coffee!

Ciao for now,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trial Advertising

I love seeing other peoples cute advertisements on blogs.  The ones that link you back to etsy or to a cute website that sells handmade knicks and knacks, childrens clothes, jewelry or other neat items.  I decided it would be fun to offer a free trial run to my readers this month.  Do you have a shop or item that you would like to advertise?  If you would like to try out the free trial advertising on my blog this month, contact me at  I would put your 125x125  or 150x150 ad button in my left hand column and introduce you in your own blog post. The free trial will last until March 31st. 
These are my two blog button ad's that I use (for a point of reference):

Advertising introduces others to your products and what better way to advertise than on blogs?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 years

3 years ago today, my then boyfriend asked me to marry him and I said yes in a heartbeat.  We didn't realize it was St Patricks day until later that evening when we went by a restaurant called "Macado's" and saw all the St. Patrick signs.  Now, I will never forget it.  I sure do miss that hunk.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Photoshoot & a Sweet Smellin Winner

A few self portraits on my couch- interrupted by my little Caleb.  I just love his sleepy head face.

Then we went outside... 

Thank you all for entering the giveaway.  The lucky winners are:

#19: barbara.montyj 
who won the sore muscle soak!  I am jealous!

#10: Sarah
 who won the sea salt glow

and last but not least
#12  JG
who won the glacier mint soap

Congratulations Ladies!!!
Please email me your addresses so you can receive your great prizes!!!