Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Newest Sponsor

Not only is Mississippi Mud my newest sponsor, she is my first sponsor and I am so excited to have her on board. She is a fellow military spouse with an eye for fabulous jewelry and her blog is so cute.  
Being a mom with a baby sitting on my hip more often than not, Mississippi Mud's Baby Momma Necklace is a winner. 
Mississippi Mud describes it as BABY PROOF and KID FRIENDLY! Kids love the feeling of satin and trying to get their gums on the wooden beads. You don't have to worry about them breaking it or getting it dirty because you can soak it in water to clean it! 

This turquoise one is my favorite!

I really like the  

Crochet Wire Collection - Copper Pearls Duo necklace and bracelet as well. Her jewelry is so unique and beautiful!

Be sure to take a visit over to Mississippi Mud and tell me what your favorite is!

And thank you Sarah for being my first sponsor- I am so excited :)


JG said...

I love that copper jewelry! So pretty!

Sarita said...

Thanks Kathlyn!