Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone finally came to visit us!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, sister and little Cammy came to visit us!  We had so much fun, even though Caleb didn't get a nap all week (and believe me, by Friday he was a monster!).  But, it was worth it.  We went to Chill (the new make your own yogurt place), we went shopping, went to lunch at all kinds of places, walked around downtown, and we attempted to go to the pool but they closed it right after we got there.  We just had a really fun time and Caleb and Cammy played and played together.  
Can you tell who the mom is in the picture? I told my sister that she didn't get the "hand on hip" memo from Cammy and I.

Here's the sweet picture

Here's the picture of me pushing my sisters head into the tree.  Why, you ask?  Just because that's the way we work.  I have to make her laugh every now and then or she gets too boring...hahaha.  But, seriously, my sister who I have never seen read a book had her nose in a book all week.  Guess what book it was?  That vampire book...the Twilight one.  She's obsessed.

The three amigos

Isn't this a pretty picture?  We were all thankful that my sisters granny glasses broke...but she managed to pop the lens right back in!

Lunch downtown

Wagon ride!

My mom will love me for posting this one.  She has a hat obsession.

Mmmmm, yogurt from Chill

Does this get any sweeter?  Caleb would reach over and grab Cammy's hand and hold it.  They love each other.

There were plenty of other "candid" shots that I took, but I think I will have to save those for the next family get together...they are too funny not to share with someone but I don't want my mom and sister to kill me for putting them on my blog :)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  I'm off to bake a cake :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Officially a dork, nerd, geek...

I have no problem admitting that I am a geek, dork, nerd, dwerb...whatever you wanna call it.  But I enjoy adding chic to the end of it...I'm geeky chic-y, and so is this:

the eye doctor mug

In other kid LOVES to dance...absolutely loves it.  So it is time for us to have our daily dance off.  Just him, me and the itunes baby.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer things

Even though summer is halfway gone and the "back to school" signs are already up (ridiculous!) I am still loving summer.  I made a couple new things for the shops yesterday that are totally summer inspired.

Now I am already thinking about starting to make baby sweater pants.  People who live up north are already thinking about fall and winter clothes.  I have a few more cute cotton fabric prints that I want to make baby pants out of though!  I need to get going :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

A little gymnastics

Caleb and I were in the living room and I turned to find him like this:

I'm thinking that it may not be too early for gymnastics class :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Living Room Tour

Super adorable pillow by Olive.

This is a painting I did in highschool- it's my favorite.

I found this for $5 at the thrift store.  I sanded down the frame to make it look distressed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A real life conversation

Here is this morning's Skype conversation between Seth and is our 3 year anniversary :-)

Kathlyn: hey!
Kathlyn: i love you
Kathlyn: i was hacked!
Kathlyn: lol
Seth: ummmmmm
Seth: i guess i lover you too
Seth: hahaha
Kathlyn: but really i was
Kathlyn: on fb
Seth: yeah i know
Kathlyn: whatevvvv
Kathlyn: Happy 3 years!!!!
Kathlyn: Today snuck up on me
Seth: that too
Seth: i knew there was something i was calling for
Kathlyn: I missed you yesterday
Seth: yup yup
Seth: gus gus
Kathlyn: can I get these for our anniversary present? 

Seth: boots
Kathlyn: you can have one
Seth: haha
Seth: i dont want one boot
Kathlyn: okay, I was just being nice and sharing
Seth wade: haha 300 dollar boots, are you nuts?
Kathlyn: I've completely lost it
Seth: I KNOW
Seth: my combat boots dont even cost that much
Seth: and it may be the most important part of clothing i have
Kathlyn: these are more important than combat boots ;-)
Seth: 300 dollar boots
Seth: the short answer is no
Seth: but i love you
Seth: just the same
Kathlyn: what's the long answer?
Seth: heck no! youve lost your mind
Seth: but i still love you
Kathlyn: I still love you too
Kathlyn: notice that this is where I usually throw a fit
Kathlyn: but I won't today since it is our anniversary
Seth: haha
Seth: or you are learning
Kathlyn: and if you buy me the Nikon D3000, I won't ever mention the boots again
Seth: hahahahaha
Seth: when im home in a few we can go buy something together
Kathlyn: oh good!
Seth: maybe a camera or maybe a grill or maybe both
Seth: or maybe nothing at all
Seth: we shall see :)
Kathlyn: You can have one boot and I can have the other?  And then you can be nice and lovingly give me your boot?
Kathlyn: :)
Kathlyn: Okay, okay, I am done talking about the boots

...and on and on we went....I'm beginning to think we are pretty silly, but 5+ months away from each other can do that I suppose...

Speaking of the boots...I have a new obsession with The Pioneer Woman.  She featured these boots on her blog and I am IN LOVE!!!! Why oh why are they $300???  Seriously, are they not the perfect fall boot?

Here The Pioneer Woman is with them on:

I love those boots almost as much as my husband...

But I really do love Seth.  He is an amazing husband and I get to see him soon!  The secret is out...he's coming back for R&R reallllly soon :-)  I can not wait!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Before and After- Thrift Store Find

I found this huge canvas at a thrift store.  I hated everything about it, except for the size.  I knew that I would never be able to buy a canvas and frame for $5.00 so I decided to buy it and make it over. Sometimes it is ALL about potential and this is a prime example! Here is the before:


I wanted to paint something modern.  The rest of the pictures in my living room are pretty traditional, so I wanted to make it eclectic.  My style is definitely traditional-modern, with LOTS of color! What is your decorating style?

See the little scratches in the top left corner?  That was Calebs artistic flair...I decided to leave it.  I like to think we both painted this together, even if the ratio of work was 99% me, 1% him :-) 

Tomorrow, I am going to post a tour of my living room...I finally have it 95% done!  Although I don't believe I will ever be 100% finished with decorating my house.  It is always a work in progress and I love decorating too much to be "done"...anyone feel this way too?

Monday, July 19, 2010

17 months and a new design

My little man is 17 months old!!!!!!!!!   One more month and he will be one and a half...where is the time going?(So cliche, right? But seriously, where is it going?) Since I haven't done any monthly photo shoots since his 12 month mark, I thought another photo shoot would be fun...but he is a lot faster than he was 5 months ago so it was very difficult to take these pictures.  I got a couple cute ones though.

(this one is my favorite, haha)

I also added my first maternity shirt to the shop.  I am debating on keeping it in storage for whenever I am expecting again...but that could be a while so I am selling it :-)
This is the vintage mannequin that was Seth's grandmothers.  It is about 50 years old! I am in love with it.