Thursday, August 28, 2008

woo! woo! thannkkk youuuu

So on Monday, I was browsing through etsy when I came across a disturbing picture on one of the main display pages. It was an image someone had drawn and was selling and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I visited the shop, only to find several that were similar that this person was selling. I was looking at cartoon porn, disgusting images, on a website people allow their families to take part of! I was sooo upset, because I sell on this website to and in a round a bout way, it is a poor reflection of my character because I am sharing a website with someone who is selling porn images. I immediately wrote etsy. I checked back all week, only to find the images still up. So this morning, I checked again, and guess what??? They were taken down!!! I am SOOO excited I can barely believe it. I thought it was going to be another situation where I was ignored and integrity once again was given the back seat. . . but no! Thank you etsy for still trying to uphold some sort of moral standing!!! I feel like I just won in court or something!!! AHHHHHH :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

16 weeks already???

Yesterday, we had our 16 week baby check up. Seth got to go with me (yay!) but when we got there he was all worried that he wouldnt be allowed to be in the room with me. He told the nurse "I am a first time parent, is it okay that I am back here?" (all they were doing was taking my blood pressure)hahaha. Poor little guy, he was so cute. The nurse was totally confused and I just told her, nevermind. I then told Seth that if he wasn't allowed back there, they would make him leave. He relaxed a little after that, but then I started wondering which one of us is going to be the worst in the delivery room? They checked the heartbeat (still fast!) which was very neat to hear with Seth. He talked about that a couple of times throughout the rest of the day and about how fast it was going (I could tell he was really excited to hear it!). My uterus is the size it is supposed to be and where it is supposed to be (thank goodness it didnt move to my thigh, whew!) I need to call today and schedule my 20 week ultrasound and pray that when we go to that one they can tell us if it is a girl or boy! After that Seth surprised me and took me out to dinner so I didn't have to cook :) Great day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

newest etsy additions

If I can ever get etsy to work, I will have them on that website too! This is what I was doing when I should have been doing my homework!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Bee not Fabulous Friday

Today, I want more than anything for Barack Obama to lose this race. I started looking up views of Obama and McCain's. One that I feel very strong about is abortion. I am pro-life. Barrack Obama not only okay's abortion, but also partial birth abortion. I will warn you of this website, it is very detailed. It made me cry but I think it is important to know exactly what abortion is and how many different kinds there are and what these "doctors" perform each day. In fact, 1.6 million abortions are performed in the US each year and since 1973, over 40 million abortions have been performed. It doesn't matter what anyone wants to say, there is nothing more important than life and there is always a better alternative than murder. So, if that means my husband has to go to Iraq or Afghanistan 10 times before this war is over, we would rather that anyday than to see Barack Obama allow murder in our country.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A thank you to you, and you and you

Yesterday I ventured out to town and went to the goodwill, where I found a 1990's yoga tape. We only have a VCR here in our on post apartment and I really have been wanting to do yoga, so I thought I could try and find one at the Goodwill since VHS tapes are pretty rare these days, and lo and behold, there was one! I havent tried it yet, but I will give an update when I do. After Goodwill I went to the antique mall up the road and found these vintage thank you cards. . .I love them! Now I don't know what to do with them. Should I keep them, sell them on etsy, or give them to people who I really want to show my thanks??? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Salads madame

Okay, Southern fried salad won with 7 votes! And Ceasar came in at a close 2nd with 5 votes! And for the one person that says, Yuck! I hate salad. . . I know who you are but I won't say names. . . Joey. Please vote on the next poll (even though I still have to come up with it) hahaha.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day in the life of. . . Me!

4:10am- 2 alarms start off the day, or Seth's rather. Today is a ruck march day (we have a nickname for it "ruck suck" pretty self explanatory I think, although I hate to use that word, if only a ruck was called a rink and then we could say "rink stink")
5:20am- I roll over and look at the clock, wishing I could make myself go back to bed b/c it's still way too early to be up!
6:00am- Finally! Sleeping. . .
7:20am- Phone rings, it's Seth "Hey, can you let me in?" me, "sure" He takes his shower and gets back in bed for a few more minutes asking "Can we have macaroni and cheese for lunch?" I say,"I don't have the cheese" he says "Oh, okay, well we can have anything" and asleep we are.
8:15am- Seth leaves for the day, I toss and turn, trying to go back to sleep b/c I still am not ready for the world
10:20am- Shocked I slept so late (but not really, considering all the bathroom breaks I have been taking throughout the night, plus the almost two hour toss session I had at 4:10)
10:45am- Up and about. Two organic pop tarts, a bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal and a cup of milk, checking my e-mail, a girl I went to school with who was two years older randomly messages me and we talk about being military wives, an interesting and nice start to the day
11:15am- Look at the clock, decide to run to the commissary and get cheese for lunch (how sweet am I? haha)
12:00pm- Seth calls "where are you?" I hurry up and finish at the commissary and PX and head home
12:30pm- Seth is eating mac and cheese (thanking me for going to get cheese), I am eating a pita like the kind they make at Hickory farms, yummm, I tell Seth we are having Kosher hotdogs on wheat buns and organic french fries (we are trying to eat healthierrrrr). He says, "Ooooo, do we have chili???" Of course we don't have chili! Why couldnt we have had this conversation an hour ago, before I went to the commissary??? Again he says it is alright, but I know that if I am going to have a successful hotdog dinner, I need to go back to the commissary
1:00pm- Seth goes back to work, I get on the computer to start my homework, but I get distracted by the TV and facebook and e-mail, then I get some pineapple for lunch dessert. . . actually I am procrastinating!
3:00pm- finally start homework. . .
4:00pm- head hurts, done with homework, covered more than I planned! Who says a late start is a bad start? Tv time, even though I really should be cleaning, cleaning day tomorrow especially since the hallway (the only area we have right now that will fit laundry) is overflowing with laundry
4:50pm- leave for post office, go to commissary once again
5:30pm- return home! Start dinner, wash dishes, clean kitchen
6:00pm- Seth is on his way
6:30pm- Eat, clean up, start homework with Seth (after spending 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday working on his homework, the army doesnt kid about homework!)
7:00om- We realize we don't have alcohol to erase the mistakes we make with map markers, so I head out to the mini mall while Seth starts his homework (3rd trip out today!)
9:30pm- I finish my part of his homework (I blow maps up, drawing them with map pens, which takes a lot longer than it seemed it would because I actually had to do it pretty close to scale, but larger!) Seth is still working, I am updating my blog and watching the Olympics
9:57pm- I keep asking Seth if he is almost done, he keeps saying "gettin there" hmmm, I wonder what that equals to in minutes? But the key is don't ask too many questions when an army man is doing homework, haha. So, my eyes are sleepy, today was pretty uneventful and one of my most lazy days in a while, but it felt just fine to spend too much time watching TV and not enough on homework, tomorrow, I promise to put my studies first. . .right? And to not make 3 trips out. One for all and all for one, no matter what food requests come my way. Tomorrow is spaghetti night anyways, and I have everything I need for that, plus some good french bread I got at the bakery :)
10:06- Shower time. Wishing tomorrow I could make more onesies instead of post on my class forum about international business, I am overwhelmed by the thought of this class already! Okay, done wishing. Gymnastics are on and I am ready to get in the bed! I miss all of my family in Virginia and can't wait till next Friday when we pack up the car and make the 9 hour drive to visit! This will be the last break we will get until we leave in October, so we are making the most of it! Counting down the days to see our family and friends again, and on that note, I can sleep soundly (with the help of my pregnancy safe sleep aid!) :) Good night to all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Does it get any cuter???

Yesterday I went to my mailbox to find this! My aunt found it at the beach and said she had to buy it. How cute is this ruffly bikini? She said that if it isn't a girl she would go and find a speedo, haha. But now I just have to have a girl because I can't wait to put her in this! Thanks Tamara :)

Painting Day

Thursday, I had a great day with my friend Kristen and her girls. We did watercolor techniques, and these are their masterpieces!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The latest. . .

This is what I spent my day doing.

This one is my favorite because I love black and white. My junior prom dress had this print. If I don't sell this on etsy, and I have a girl, this will be one of her first outfits!

This one is just funky. I like the fabric, kinda retro. This is a head band by the way.

And this one is spoooooky. haha, I made it for halloween, it's called "Happy Halloweeny." When my mom was in elementary school a kid told her a joke on Halloween. He said, "What do you call a hotdog on halloween?". . . "A Halloweeny!" hahaha, and she laughed so hard that milk came out of her nose and she was embarrassed. So every Halloween, I like to use that joke. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Phelps Phan

Have you seen that commercial where the girl, who calls herself Phelps Phan, is obsessed with Michael Phelps, and her phone service is bad so she misses the call that he is right down the street signing autographs? Well, I never knew who Michael Phelps was, so that commercial didn't mean very much for me. . .that is until I started watching the Olympics. I am now GLUED to the Olympics. I can't stop watching it, and swimming is my absolute favorite! Plus, Michael Phelps is unreal, as in he is working on getting his ninth gold medal, yes I said NINTH! I really do think he is part fish. I have turned into a complete Olympics junkie. So, if you havent watched any yet, I give you permission to become a TV addict until Aug 26! Tell me if you think Phelps is as good as I do.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

If you can't beat em', join em'

Okay, so I am tired of trying to squeeze into my jeans that clearly do not fit me anymore. Seth reminded me that they were all tight to begin with and that I shouldn't be upset that they don't fit me now. My response was "You thought my jeans were too tight???"(which also brought back flooding memories of the conversations my parents and I use to have in highschool, I guess some things never change!) I keep on asking him, "Okay, do I look pregnant yet or do I just look like I have a fat belly?" I think I am still at the fat belly stage, you know, the dreaded muffin top. Well, I found this cool website where you can create sets of pretty much anything. Today, I am creating a set of casual maternity clothes, that look absolutely, completely comfy. Since I will be at my biggest during the cold months, cute little summer dresses (which would have been so much easier than pants) are out of the question, hence my long sleeve shirts and pants choices(except for the one red tank that I just really liked). So instead of fighting the belly, I am officially embracing it and after I win the jackpot at BINGO today, I will be on my way to Louisville to purchase all of the above, haha :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back to School!

Yes, that's right. . . I am going back to school!!! I graduated college May 07' and had no intention of furthering my education, one degree was hard enough!!! Call me crazy, but I have the school bug and for a few months now have been trying to get the nerve up to enroll in a masters program. So, after some encouragement from a friend of mine and my husband, I am officially a grad student! My classes start Aug. 18. I told Seth I need a new back pack, pretty notebooks and pens, and of course new school clothes! Then he reminded me that it was an online class and the most I would probably need would be a notebook. Oh well, I tried. Thanks Sethy for paying for my school and for being even more excited than I am that I am going back to school again, and thanks Liberty University for giving military spouses AMAZING discounts. If any of you want to go back to school, I have the school for you :)

Cammy Club

So yesterday I called my sister who was on her way to Water Country with my family for vacation. I wanted to talk to 3 year old Cammy for a minute (who loves babies and is very interested in my baby). Here is how our conversation went:

Me: Cammy are you on your way to the water park?
Cammy: uh huh
Me: Oh Cammy! I want to come, can I come with you??? Pleaseeee. . .
Cammy: No Silly! You can't get your baby wet! (giggle giggle)
Me: (trying to control my laughing) Cammy, my baby is in my tummy swimming right now!
Cammy: hahaha
Me: So Cammy, what do you think I should name this baby?
Cammy: Cammy!
(sister in background says "No Cameron,we can't have 2 Cammy's!")
Me: Do you have another name?
Cammy: om. . . yes, Hannah Montana!!!

How can you not love this little girl. She is a hoot!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A few family pics

My mom sent me an online album of my family and what they have been doing this summer. I thought I would steal a few, I mean post a few because I really like them. Plus she has the best camera in the whole world.

This is one my mom took after church one day when we were visiting, this was also the day I left my wallet on the top of the car and Seth had to go back to the busy road and play roadrunner to get all the contents he could find from my wallet. He found all the important stuff, so these are our happy faces :)

My brother at highschool graduation and my sister on the right. He is going to college in 1 week!!! I can't believe it.

Cammy and me at her "birfday." We are princesses.

This was at Cammy's princess party. My dad is in the middle and my sister, Donna, is on the right. Don't worry, we don't make a habit of wearing jewels on our faces and tiara's on our heads.

Here is Cammy in the sweater my mom made. This is the little Cammy who thinks I have a baby in my belly because I ate a lot of food. She then proceeded to say that she also ate a lot of food and she is going to have a baby too. I sure do miss that little mess.

Here is my mom with little Cammy.

We finally found. . .

Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky

Okay, we try to go to Louisville every chance we get. Mostly because there isn't that much to do right around here, and whenever we can get away from the army for a minute and feel half way normal, we take the opportunity! This weekend, we knew of this church in Louisville (thanks Kristen) that is supposed to be really good and it happens to be the largest church in Kentucky. Since we came from a large church, this church was the closest we have come to feeling like we're back home again. Don't get me wrong, we still love our home church but this one works for us while we're away! The great part about it is that they have Saturday evening church and "Sunday" school as well as Sunday services, which is great for us because sometimes Seth has Saturdays off and sometimes he has Sundays off (and sometimes he has neither off). So, we went and it was a GREAT service. It was well worth our 45 minute drive to get there. Then we went to a restaurant called Cheddars, which we fell in love with in Georgia and were very excited to find that Louisville had one as well. Then we ended our evening watching the third Mummy movie, which was also excellent, but I miss Rachel Weiz being in it :( Anyways, all of this to say how very lucky we feel to have found a church that we really like for our next few months in Kentucky. On a side note, I just found out last night that Seth has the possibility of getting re-assigned duty stations in his last few weeks of Bolc III. So, now I am not sure what to plan on. We are planning on California, but if his class is anything like the one that just graduated, most of the guys will get re-assigned. I don't know whether that is annoying of exciting. I think a little of both!