Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day in the life of. . . Me!

4:10am- 2 alarms start off the day, or Seth's rather. Today is a ruck march day (we have a nickname for it "ruck suck" pretty self explanatory I think, although I hate to use that word, if only a ruck was called a rink and then we could say "rink stink")
5:20am- I roll over and look at the clock, wishing I could make myself go back to bed b/c it's still way too early to be up!
6:00am- Finally! Sleeping. . .
7:20am- Phone rings, it's Seth "Hey, can you let me in?" me, "sure" He takes his shower and gets back in bed for a few more minutes asking "Can we have macaroni and cheese for lunch?" I say,"I don't have the cheese" he says "Oh, okay, well we can have anything" and asleep we are.
8:15am- Seth leaves for the day, I toss and turn, trying to go back to sleep b/c I still am not ready for the world
10:20am- Shocked I slept so late (but not really, considering all the bathroom breaks I have been taking throughout the night, plus the almost two hour toss session I had at 4:10)
10:45am- Up and about. Two organic pop tarts, a bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal and a cup of milk, checking my e-mail, a girl I went to school with who was two years older randomly messages me and we talk about being military wives, an interesting and nice start to the day
11:15am- Look at the clock, decide to run to the commissary and get cheese for lunch (how sweet am I? haha)
12:00pm- Seth calls "where are you?" I hurry up and finish at the commissary and PX and head home
12:30pm- Seth is eating mac and cheese (thanking me for going to get cheese), I am eating a pita like the kind they make at Hickory farms, yummm, I tell Seth we are having Kosher hotdogs on wheat buns and organic french fries (we are trying to eat healthierrrrr). He says, "Ooooo, do we have chili???" Of course we don't have chili! Why couldnt we have had this conversation an hour ago, before I went to the commissary??? Again he says it is alright, but I know that if I am going to have a successful hotdog dinner, I need to go back to the commissary
1:00pm- Seth goes back to work, I get on the computer to start my homework, but I get distracted by the TV and facebook and e-mail, then I get some pineapple for lunch dessert. . . actually I am procrastinating!
3:00pm- finally start homework. . .
4:00pm- head hurts, done with homework, covered more than I planned! Who says a late start is a bad start? Tv time, even though I really should be cleaning, cleaning day tomorrow especially since the hallway (the only area we have right now that will fit laundry) is overflowing with laundry
4:50pm- leave for post office, go to commissary once again
5:30pm- return home! Start dinner, wash dishes, clean kitchen
6:00pm- Seth is on his way
6:30pm- Eat, clean up, start homework with Seth (after spending 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday working on his homework, the army doesnt kid about homework!)
7:00om- We realize we don't have alcohol to erase the mistakes we make with map markers, so I head out to the mini mall while Seth starts his homework (3rd trip out today!)
9:30pm- I finish my part of his homework (I blow maps up, drawing them with map pens, which takes a lot longer than it seemed it would because I actually had to do it pretty close to scale, but larger!) Seth is still working, I am updating my blog and watching the Olympics
9:57pm- I keep asking Seth if he is almost done, he keeps saying "gettin there" hmmm, I wonder what that equals to in minutes? But the key is don't ask too many questions when an army man is doing homework, haha. So, my eyes are sleepy, today was pretty uneventful and one of my most lazy days in a while, but it felt just fine to spend too much time watching TV and not enough on homework, tomorrow, I promise to put my studies first. . .right? And to not make 3 trips out. One for all and all for one, no matter what food requests come my way. Tomorrow is spaghetti night anyways, and I have everything I need for that, plus some good french bread I got at the bakery :)
10:06- Shower time. Wishing tomorrow I could make more onesies instead of post on my class forum about international business, I am overwhelmed by the thought of this class already! Okay, done wishing. Gymnastics are on and I am ready to get in the bed! I miss all of my family in Virginia and can't wait till next Friday when we pack up the car and make the 9 hour drive to visit! This will be the last break we will get until we leave in October, so we are making the most of it! Counting down the days to see our family and friends again, and on that note, I can sleep soundly (with the help of my pregnancy safe sleep aid!) :) Good night to all!


Hannah said...

what an exciting day...I got to spend a little of it with you on the phone! I am so ready for yall to get here!! we have to watch the hills together! and I cant wait for you to meet my new roommate love you!!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Huh! What a great idea for all of us to do once on our blogs!