Monday, October 31, 2011


We had SUCH a fun night. Even Seth said he thinks it's the best Halloween he has EVER had!  There's something so fun about taking your little one's out, all dressed up and making them say "Trick or Treat" to all your neighbors...I was so sad for the night to end.

Here is our little, fluffy Halloween Chicken!

My favorite part was his red feathers on his head...although his chicken feet got a lot of attention from our neighbors.

I was a cat...the only mask left at Michaels today, since I decided to dress up at the last minute!

I bought a pack of fake mustache's for Seth to choose from.  I think he looks like Luigi all grown up...haha!

We are officially in candy-coma.
I'm pretty certain I will sleep good with a belly full of sugar.

Caleb ended the night by asking, "I go again?"
We laughed pretty hard!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I hope it was a fun night for you and your kids too :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

I held off as long as I could...Maternity FASHION!

When I was expecting Caleb, my blog seemed to morph into a pregnancy blog for 9 months. 
Thank you to all my loyal followers who stuck with me through my first time mother excitement stage.

 This time around, I am trying to stay true to my regular blogging style by not bombarding you with tons of pregnancy posts.  
However, I can't help but do a little maternity fashion post today. 
 It's Friday and I'm feeling stylish as I sit in my overstuffed chair with sweat pants and an old tank on...oh yeah and my hair that hasn't been washed in 3 days all twisted up in a bun on the top of my head.  
Doesn't that sound like the ultimate stylin' mommy???
I may look like a ho bo right now but my heart is longing for some of these good lookin' things!

This dress looks like a dream.  It doesn't hurt that the model is probably 110 pounds in real life and just stuck a stuffed baby bump up her dress.  Regardless, it's a beautiful, winter fuschia and it's LYCRA A.K.A a pregnant woman's best friend.  I could see myself wearing this to church or to a Christmas party or wedding.

Olian Orchid Lycra Wrap Dress

This long, striped tee looks prefect for a go to top for just about any day of the week for me.  Lots of woman stay away from stripes when expecting, but these small stripes would be flattering on anyone!  I especially like how long it is.  I am 5'9" with a long torso, so finding long enough tops to cover my belly can sometimes be challenging.  I could pair this with jeans or leggings, some cute ballet flats and a chunky sweater for the perfect day look.
Ripe Striped Scoopneck Long Sleeve Tee

Comfy pajamas are a MUST have for any pregnant lady.  These jammies are beautiful and they look amazing!  Plus they double as nursing pajamas, so you can take them to the hospital and wear them afterwards when you have visitors at your house.
Belabumbum Starlit Maternity/Nursing Set

I LOVE this tunic.  I would wear it with leggings and it would probably be my favorite outfit.  I'm a fan of the cute pockets and the contrasting color around the wrists and neckline...very flattering.
NOM Navy Ella Tunic

These skinny jeans look amerrrzing.  They have the stretchy part on the sides and since skinnies are in for everyone, including pregnant gals, I'm a fan of if I only had legs and hips like this model, I would be set!  But seriously, I vote that ALL jeans have stretchy waist bands...if you've never worn them, you don't know what you're missing.  They beat traditional jeans by a mile.
Brand Denim Sable Maternity Legging

Yall...Isabella Oliver is my ALL TIME FAVORITE maternity designer!  If only her price tag met my price range..I would be one happy girl.  This ruched top might be worth the splurge though.  I'll take one in every color.  I'm a huge fan of the ruching that designers have started putting on maternity clothes.  It's so flattering to a baby bump.  I am all about embracing the bump & showing it off and Isabella Oliver knows how to do that! 

Isbella Oliver White Scoop Tee

Ruffles ruffles ruffles...I hope they stay in style forever.  I love ruffles! This sweater is the perfect sweater for someone who lives in south Alabama.  I really love the maroon too.  This pregnancy, I have been really drawn to darks...probably because it's slimming...ha!
Pea and the Pod Deep V Ruffle 3/4 sleeve sweater

Eeek! Animal print!!! This is so I am a sucker for animal print.  I think this is a great church top paired with black pants and some red heels...oolala! :)
Weston Wear Long Sleeve Boat Neck Top

Oh! My love for Maxi's is unreal.  This maxi is perfection and I really like those boots too!
Elbow sleeve striped maternity maxi dress from Pea and the Pod

How comfy and chic is this dress? I like that it's so basic so you can dress it up or down.
French Connection Long Sleeve Maternity Dress

This flutter top from Forever21 maternity is gorgeous.  The best part? It's $24.50!
Forever 21 Flutter Top

Gap can't go wrong.  Seth bought me this tank in 3 colors & they totally rock.  We found them in the back of a Gap kids on sale for $6 a piece! Regular $20...what a deal! Right now they are on sale for $8.99 though so if you are in the market for some great layering and lounging tanks, these will be your best friend.

I could sit here all day posting about maternity fashion.  Unfortunately, I have some laundry and unpacking to do so that we can all have clothes for the weekend! 
I hope your Friday is fab and your weekend is just as great!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's been too winner of gift card!

I took a small, unplanned break from the blog.  We have had a bittersweet week and a half.  Last Saturday, my mom called to tell me that a friend I grew up with had been hit by a car and killed.

  Seth and I grew up with Ben.  I had known him since 4th grade and Seth had known him since high school.  We had both spent a lot of fun times with Ben.  Seth was on the football team with him and he dated one of my best friends so we found ourselves hanging out in the same groups. Ben and I also grew up in church together and went on many missions trips where we made memories I will never forget.
 I cried all day Saturday, a lot of Sunday and at least once every day this past week.  I haven't been able to sleep good.  I've dreamed about Ben almost every night, some are fun dreams where we are all in middle school and high school again and others are just terrible.  Ben was only 25, the same age as we are.  So young to be gone already.  The only peace that we have is that we know Ben was a Christian and that he is in Heaven now.  
God also blessed his funeral.  It was held on October 20, what would have been Ben's 26th birthday.  It was a beautiful celebration of Ben and a challenge to all of us to live our lives to serve Christ.  The best part was that several people became Christians as well.
  I know that Ben was smiling down that day on all of our bittersweet tears.  I know that if we had any idea how wonderful Heaven truly is, we wouldn't shed one sad tear over Ben because we would know just how happy he finally is but it's going to be really difficult to never be able to see his beautiful smile again.
When we heard of Ben's passing, we made plans to drive to Virginia.  We saw so many friends from high school and we were able to spend time with Ben's aunt Melanie who was like his mother.  Melanie threw me a shower when Seth and I got married and she has been a family friend of ours since I could remember.  It was a difficult time for everyone but I think especially Melanie.  Ben was truly a son to her and my heart breaks for her right now.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to ever lose Caleb.  I believe she found comfort though in seeing all of his friends at his funeral and hearing stories of how Ben had played such an important role in all of our lives.

We spent a week in Virginia and we were able to see my family.  
My mom took the cutest pictures of Caleb while we were there.

Holding up the wood stack...he's pretty strong!

Uh oh! Looks like he's in trouble.

He is such a ham...he pulled out all of his good moves for this photo shoot!

Caleb had a fun time with all of them and he was spoiled rotten.  We were able to go to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch one day and we had such a good time. 

 Caleb also had a blast riding around on the four wheeler with his Cack Cack (my dad).  Made us wish we lived closer to family.
My dad's face in this is priceless..haha!

With all of that said, we are back in Alabama and gearing up for a big Halloween weekend.  I can't wait to dress Caleb in his costume and take him trick or treating.
I missed blogging and I am glad to be back!

I also want to announce the winner of the gift card from My Creative Peace:
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giveaway from My Creative Peace!

I'm so happy to introduce you all to my newest sponsor "My Creative Space".  Her shop is self described "Hippie Boho" and full of fun, unique items like these super colorful choker necklaces:

Not only is her shop adorable but Robin, the owner, is a sweet, Christian lady who has been so fun to work with.

Some exciting news for you all...My Creative Space is offering one of my readers a $10 gift card to her shop!

To enter, visit My Creative Space and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item is.
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Good luck!!!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun Halloween

I am 100% in the Halloween mood! I can't wait to dress Caleb up and take him trick or treating!!!  Here are a few fun etsy and pinterest things to get you in the mood too :)

Ogre Toes Halloween Cookies...gross but so cool!!!

Hocus Pocus Costume...I need those tights!!!

DIY Spider ice cubes

Ghost Poop...too funny!

Ahhhh!!! BATS!!! What a FUN Halloween craft to do with your kids...or just by yourself!!!  Black poster board or construction paper and some scissors!
Source: via Loni on Pinterest

What a creepy and easy Halloween wreath...sure to scare every kid on the block!

Would LOVE this for Caleb...and it's so hot down here, he could wear it!
Source: via Beth on Pinterest

The ultimate Halloween Garage door!
Source: via Aimee on Pinterest

Thursday, October 6, 2011


We are twelve weeks along!  

It's so fun to have my little buddy with me this time around to help keep up with how many weeks we are. 
 I will have to say, I'm not sure how I am already 12 weeks.  
This pregnancy is sure going a lot faster than my pregnancy with Caleb.  Caleb keeps me busy so I guess that's where the time is going! 

 My nausea went away last week and I felt like a new woman...unfortunately it showed back up yesterday morning but it's not nearly as bad as it was so I won't complain. 

I'm showing so much faster with this little one!  Everything is so exciting though, even pulling out my maternity clothes again.  Caleb keeps kissing my belly melts my heart.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ruby Red

How I love you Ruby Red.  I like you fresh or in the can but I prefer the can because I can eat you anywhere!  In the car or in the bed.  Your bitter sweetness calls my name!

I spilled you on me

Did I mention I ate two of these....for breakfast?  It was wonderful.

Oh little one in my belly, you are determining my every move right now.  Is this a sign of what's to come?  I heard your heartbeat today, it was fast!  You must be working hard to take in some of these calories I've been eating for us ;-)