Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's been too winner of gift card!

I took a small, unplanned break from the blog.  We have had a bittersweet week and a half.  Last Saturday, my mom called to tell me that a friend I grew up with had been hit by a car and killed.

  Seth and I grew up with Ben.  I had known him since 4th grade and Seth had known him since high school.  We had both spent a lot of fun times with Ben.  Seth was on the football team with him and he dated one of my best friends so we found ourselves hanging out in the same groups. Ben and I also grew up in church together and went on many missions trips where we made memories I will never forget.
 I cried all day Saturday, a lot of Sunday and at least once every day this past week.  I haven't been able to sleep good.  I've dreamed about Ben almost every night, some are fun dreams where we are all in middle school and high school again and others are just terrible.  Ben was only 25, the same age as we are.  So young to be gone already.  The only peace that we have is that we know Ben was a Christian and that he is in Heaven now.  
God also blessed his funeral.  It was held on October 20, what would have been Ben's 26th birthday.  It was a beautiful celebration of Ben and a challenge to all of us to live our lives to serve Christ.  The best part was that several people became Christians as well.
  I know that Ben was smiling down that day on all of our bittersweet tears.  I know that if we had any idea how wonderful Heaven truly is, we wouldn't shed one sad tear over Ben because we would know just how happy he finally is but it's going to be really difficult to never be able to see his beautiful smile again.
When we heard of Ben's passing, we made plans to drive to Virginia.  We saw so many friends from high school and we were able to spend time with Ben's aunt Melanie who was like his mother.  Melanie threw me a shower when Seth and I got married and she has been a family friend of ours since I could remember.  It was a difficult time for everyone but I think especially Melanie.  Ben was truly a son to her and my heart breaks for her right now.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to ever lose Caleb.  I believe she found comfort though in seeing all of his friends at his funeral and hearing stories of how Ben had played such an important role in all of our lives.

We spent a week in Virginia and we were able to see my family.  
My mom took the cutest pictures of Caleb while we were there.

Holding up the wood stack...he's pretty strong!

Uh oh! Looks like he's in trouble.

He is such a ham...he pulled out all of his good moves for this photo shoot!

Caleb had a fun time with all of them and he was spoiled rotten.  We were able to go to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch one day and we had such a good time. 

 Caleb also had a blast riding around on the four wheeler with his Cack Cack (my dad).  Made us wish we lived closer to family.
My dad's face in this is priceless..haha!

With all of that said, we are back in Alabama and gearing up for a big Halloween weekend.  I can't wait to dress Caleb in his costume and take him trick or treating.
I missed blogging and I am glad to be back!

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Riverrrs said...

Thanks for sharing. A 25 year old cousin of a friend of mine was killed recently in a drive-by shooting. To hear her speak of his funeral compels me to rejoice even in such a seemingly terrible situation. At least 25 people came to know the Lord as a result of his example and the testimony of family and friends!
I pray peace and blessing over you and all who knew him!