Friday, June 27, 2008

100th POST and free bee fab fri :)

Here is an overview in pictures of the times of my first 100 posts!
Me and Sethy Poo touring Benning in March, also the first month of my blog!

Our short life in Georgia :)

Seth graduated officer school!

Pinning the butter bars
Seth graduated airborne, the same day we headed out of Fort Benning

Here we are in May in Corpus Christi, the last time I saw Seth (in the midst of Bolc II) now I get to see him tomorrow! And all of this with 100 posts :)

~*~**~*~*100th POST!!!*~*~**~*~*
This post kinda snuck up on me, but here it is! This proves that not only do I talk too much in real life, but I also talk to much in web life. I have to say though (I know, here I go talking again) that I have enjoyed this online journaling more than I ever thought I would. It is just a great thing to be able to come here everyday and write what is going on in my life, and in turn be able to visit your lives, some of you I know nothing about other than what I read straight from your blogs. I think this new online journaling is always going to be a hit and pretty soon we will be virtually visiting each other at home via teleportation! haha, okay that might take a while, but I can see us headed that way. So, as this is the 100th post as well as free bee fabulous friday, my wish for today is that I can have 1000 more posts, and have just as much fun doing it as I havewith my first 100! Have a great weekend all of you, I know I will (Seth gets here tomorrow!). And with all this traveling we do, who knows, I might run into one of you sometime ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

so sorry

I have been a little under the weather the last couple of days, actually a lot under the weather, hence my lacking of posts. Whenever my brain wants to start thinking again, I will be a much better blogger. Not a whole lot in the news for today, just besides my usual excitement of Seth coming home in 48 hours!!! Now that will make my sickness go away immediately. Okay, I know I am being mushy again, but after the last couple of days in bed Saturday couldn't come soon enough. I will finally have someone to go get my ginger ale for me, haha. That is just a joke (kind of). Well, I hope all of you are just as excited about the weekend as I am! Talk to ya soon. . .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vintage Swimming ;)

Here is a vintage advertisement for Eastman Chromspun fabrics. I wish these bathing suits were still the style. I think I would feel much better about myself at the pool if I had this on. This is the outfit that all the highschool girls wear to the mall on the weekend, ha. . . and to think it used to be considered a bathing suit. Wow, what will our bathing suits look like in 50 more years?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Onesie of the day

Okay, so sorry all I am posting lately are my onesies, but I am really enjoying making them. Here is the one I made today. I call it "the lolly tree."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

free bee fabulous friday

Obviously, my ADD got the best of me! But here it is, only one day late. I always like to go to Victoria's Secret at their semi annual sales because you can get stuff for dirt cheap! My favorite section is the smelly section. I stock up of my frangrances for the year, plus it is always right around my birthday and my mom used to take me there to pick out a new perfume that came with a purse. Now, I am hooked. I went in last week just to take a look and I smelled this PINK fresh and clean. A friend of mine gave me the fruity one in this collection and I LOVE it, and this one smells just as great! If you are near a Victorias Secret, ya gotta go check out this sale!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A newbie and my poor pup

My poor dog, Barbie, got spayed yesterday. This might be kinda gross, but I had to get her the "e-collar" so she wouldn't get her incision infected. The poor thing doesnt know what to do with herself. She stands up the entire time it is on, in a daze. She won't sit down while she has it on. I try not to keep it on her too long, but when I take it off she starts licking again. Oh well, only a few more days! Also, I am posting my latest baby onesie painting. It is of course on Etsy as well! And I will hopefully be posting my free bee fabulous friday shortly (if I don't get too ADD today!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Etsy Shop!!!

I have been wanting to start my Etsy shop for a very long time now, and finally, here it is!!! Just click here to look at my baby onesies!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My fun for the day :)

This morning, I had the idea to paint onesies. I really had fun doing this and it ended up being very similiar to painting on canvas. Plus, don't you just love a baby in a onesie? They are comfy for them and now that it has gotten so hot, they are nice and cool. Here are my first three. I think I might sell them on Etsy, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Excitement in the air plus one chameleon ;P

photo from

So, in 2 hours there will officially be 9 days until Seth returns to me!!! Can you believe it? Only 9 more days!!! I feel like he has been gone for a good long while, haha, that's probably because he has been gone for a good long while. He left May 9. But we have been apart for longer than this before. You just have to be a chameleon and adapt to whatever your environment is. That's what I will call myself, "Kathlyn the Chameleon." How does it sound? dumb.

Monday, June 16, 2008

On a sad note :(

This is a sad note of President Bush's I found online. Here is the explanation for it, very funny:
The one significant drawing—a sad, tearful face—currently available in Bush’s presidential papers appears on a memo he wrote to Rose Zamaria, his secretary. According to Zamaria, the president was responding to her request that he sign a stack of letters—part of a mass mailing—addressed to people he knew. Looking over the names, Bush realized that one intended recipient was dead and another might be. “You see,” explained Zamaria, “he was such a funny guy.”
For more presidential notes, visit

Seth and I just found out that his brother and family aren't going to be in California with us. We are completely and totally bummed. We were really looking forward to being so close to family even though we are moving across the country. We were already planning our first trip to see them, especially since they have a new baby that we haven't even been able to see yet! Now we aren't sure when we will get the chance to see the kids. But, we are very confident that we are supposed to be in California and we know that God is working everything out the way He wants, so even though it stinks sometimes it is ALWAYS better to be where God wants you even when its not where you want to be than it is to be where you want to be and not where God wants you (was that confusing???). And obviously God has shown Seths brother and family that they aren't suppose to be in California, and how could we try and talk them out of that??? All I know is this: "Trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" Ps. 37:4. What a great verse to know, especially when you don't know anything else going on around you. I know that no matter what my circumstances, I can always count on Him and trust in Him.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

free bee fabulous friday/monday. . .oops

I realize how late free bee friday is, but I just couldn't imagine missing even one free bee fab fri! So, here it be. This beautiful maxi dress is a perfect addition to my wardrobe (okay I admit, I already bought it, which goes against the rules of free bee friday). I wish I could wear it every day. It is just way too hot here to wear pants of any kind! And I certainly can't go around in just my top, so a dress is definitely my answer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

okay, so there's a lot of things i love

I love Regis!!! I guess it started with my aunt Su Su. She used to run an at home day care and I used to go over to her house, spend the night and play with all the kiddos. Well, the one thing she would do every morning, no matter how many kids were screaming or had dirty diapers, was turn on LIVE with Regis and Kathy Lee. She would drink coffee and watch it. I also, to this day, if I am home at 9:00, I turn on LIVE with Regis and Kelly. I don't remember all too much about Kathy Lee, but I love to see what Kelly wears everyday and Regis is just the most wonderful sweet and funny man. I would just love to meet him. I guess that means I need to become famous first so that they will invite me to be on their show, that's a lot better than fighting my way through the paparazzi to shake his hand! And of course if I fought my way through the paparazzi then I would have had to first have found Regis in the very small city of New York . . .Okay, major sarcasm today :) But really, I just love watching this show, with my coffee in hand :)

And, speaking of coffee, I decided to try a weird one that I saw at the grocery store. It is supposed to be for espresso, but I like my coffee really strong so I am kinda diggin this coffee. Plus, it is not very expensive and I love the can (it might show up in some kind of craft post later on!). The trick is to not put quite as much coffee in the filter as you would regular, unless you want it to literally knock your socks off (okay, maybe not literally but close). Try it if you are a coffee lover and you are up for a dare. . . and don't hurt me if you hate it. . . we all have different tasters ;)

haha, look at the picture I found. Apparently, this coffee is more popular than I thought. So much for being the first!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i just love em

So, I just love anthropologie to death. Here are some pictures that make my eyes melt.

This is the inside of one of their stores. If ya havent been in one, ya gotta go, now

The almost ruby slippers

Cinderjelly :)

My toe has a flower on it

Okay, I just have to post these pictures of my shoes. I LOVE my shoes from JCPenney's. My mom gave me the jelly shoes and I bought the sparkly shoes. I also have to say, it is definitely the shoes I love, not my feet, or especially the toes. Now hurry, go buy some!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Presidential Poll

I have been a little behind on the poll scene lately, but here it is! By an overwhelming vote, John McCain has won the presidency. . . at least on this blog page. 12 of you voted McCain, 1 voted Hilary and 1 voted Obama. Hmmm, my audience is majority republican. I was raised not to vote on a particular party but rather in the person who believes what I believe and feel strongly about. I feel strongly against abortion, I want a president who won't be afraid to bring God back to the center of our lives, and I want a president who supports our troops, not just says they support them, but shows they support him. I want a president who looks at all the work accomplished in this war and doesn't say it was a waste. I think President Bush has done a wonderful job with what Clinton handed him and I would vote for him again if I had the chance, but now it is almost time for a new president, so may God let the best man win :) And as always, I will be posting a new poll very shortly!

Goin to the chapel. . .

If you dont hear from me very much this week it is because I am in a wedding. One of my childhood friends is getting married and this week is full of random wedding mayhem. Last night we kidnapped her, handcuffed her and took her out for her bachlorette party. Now I am in charge of the lingerie shower on Thursday, so I am on the lookout for great lingerie party ideas! Anyways, just giving you all a heads up. I will return full force after June 14. . .

Saturday, June 7, 2008

National Iced Tea Month

For all of you iced tea (or as we call it down here, "sweet tea") drinkers, drink up! The entire month of June is National Iced Tea Month. Amazing you say? I think yes. I happen to love all kinds of teas so this is a great month! You will have to excuse me now though, a glass of tea is calling my name :)

I wish upon a dish

When Seth and I went to Savannah, I fell in love with this great boutique. This is the inside of it and if I ever have my own store one day, it will be just like this one :) Just wishing and hoping thinking and praying. . . ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Although it is nearly Saturday, here it is: free bee fabulous friday!

Tonight as I was filling up my gas, I would really have loved to have seen this gas price. . .
Instead, I saw this one:

Tah Dah!

Final product, finally. . . plus a very shiny earring

Me and my Barbie dog
Can anyone find Barbie's face? I promise, it's there!
Where it all began!

Here it is, the mystery . . . dress!!! Now where will I wear it? I have no idea! It was great to sew again. I realized I havent sewn in a year and a half. Thankfully my mom was there to help me remember, or just learn again. Anyways, here it is. A summer dress, and I definitely need a dress these days. It was 97 degrees here in Virginia today! Hope all of you are keeping cool :) Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mystery update

Okay, my secret is taking a little longer than I originally thought, due to some snags along the way. I have taken a few pic's but I want to wait until it is completely finished to display them. I am thinking perhaps by tomorrow evening I will be finished. . . or at least I hope so! Until then. . . dah dah dah dah dahhhhhhhhhh

Monday, June 2, 2008

shhh! it's a secret. . .

Okay, so I am not telling you many details, but I will tell you I am working on something for most of my day tomorrow that I think you will be interested to see. Check back later for the mystery pictures :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

hello all

I am MIA right now. I am staying with my parents for a few days and the computer situation is difficult, so I thought I would be kind and give you guys a heads up :) Tomorrow is Monday everyone, and for me it means the beginning of another week that will get me closer to seeing Seth! Hope your Monday is a great one and I will talk to you when I can ;)