Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Presidential Poll

I have been a little behind on the poll scene lately, but here it is! By an overwhelming vote, John McCain has won the presidency. . . at least on this blog page. 12 of you voted McCain, 1 voted Hilary and 1 voted Obama. Hmmm, my audience is majority republican. I was raised not to vote on a particular party but rather in the person who believes what I believe and feel strongly about. I feel strongly against abortion, I want a president who won't be afraid to bring God back to the center of our lives, and I want a president who supports our troops, not just says they support them, but shows they support him. I want a president who looks at all the work accomplished in this war and doesn't say it was a waste. I think President Bush has done a wonderful job with what Clinton handed him and I would vote for him again if I had the chance, but now it is almost time for a new president, so may God let the best man win :) And as always, I will be posting a new poll very shortly!

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Newmans Wildcats said...

I've gotta agree on the Bush thing too. But you'll hate me for this I loved Clinton!!! He was my first....president I got to vote for (twice). I have though like McCain since back when Bush 1st ran for office and always thought he would be better. Oh well! God, will place the best man in office and that is something I do believe and trust.