Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Layer Brownie Cream Cheese Cake Recipe

This recipe is so easy...seriously.
But it looks complex, like you slaved over it for hours!

All you need:
1 box of brownie mix (family size)
1 can of cream cheese icing
chocolate chips
cocoa powder

Mix up the brownies and pour half of batter each into two, round baking dishes.
Make sure you spray the pan VERY good!
Bake as directed.
After cooled, pop brownies out.

Take your cream cheese icing and spread half of it on the first brownie layer.

Add second brownie layer on top and spread the rest of the icing over that.
Then sprinkle walnuts and chocolate chips.
I also sifted some cocoa powder on top to make it look a little fancier!

Oh's so good.  
Try not to eat all of will be hard though. 

I took this to a Valentine party and everyone loved it!
They thought I had worked really hard at making it...I'm a trickster like that ;-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The BIG Birthday Weekend

My little Caleb turned 3 on Saturday and it seems he immediately morphed into a big boy!
My parent's surprised all of us and showed up at our house Friday afternoon.  Caleb was so excited.  He started his birthday weekend off by going to the park with "Ma" and "Cack Cack".

He lead the way...

A favorite spot...on Cack Cack's shoulder's

Buzz Lightyear practice with Ma

Not afraid of the jungle gym! 

After Caleb went to bed Friday night, we stayed up decorating and creating a birthday door for him to run through...but when he woke up on his birthday, he figured out a way to escape without breaking any streamers!

Then we headed over to one of Caleb's best buddies house for another birthday party...he had a blast!

Now it was time for Caleb to take a nap and us to get the party set up.
We had taco dip, chips and dip, animal crackers, Cars juice boxes and Cars cake!
Can you tell our theme??? Caleb had been asking for a "Cars 2" birthday since before Christmas.

We played pin the tooth on mater...

And tire toss

We had fun with all our friends!

These are my tall friends! We are all between 5'8" and 5'10"....I love having some tall friends!!!

I can't believe that candle says "3"
He is getting so big!!!
Can I cry now? Oh wait, I already did.

Caleb literally crashed right before the last of his friends left.
He had partied all day and night and was zonked.
The party was great and we all were ready to get some sleep! 
Parties take a lot of energy out of everyone!!!
But, the day's events weren't quite over...
My parents got a call that night after we had all gone to bed.
It was my brother calling from Virginia to say that he had hit a deer and flipped his car several times before crawling his way out of the passenger side of the car.
Of course that shook everyone up.
God was watching over him though.  Thankfully, he was wearing his seatbelt and walked away with only a few scratches and a totaled car.
Then, Caleb woke up, burning up  and asked for juice.  He ended up having an upset tummy and a fever of over 104.  
He was pitiful.  
He slept the rest of the night in our room and didn't wake up until noon!
Needless to say, we all had a rough night of sleep.

Caleb still had more presents to open the next was his big surprise present and his face was priceless.

He seemed to not know what to do with himself.


But he quickly warmed up to "Lightning McQueen"

We are still working on getting the hang of driving it...a little more difficult than you might think...haha.

Needless to say, it was a birthday to remember!

Monday when my parents were packing the car up to drive back home, Caleb ran inside and put his shoes on. 
 He came out telling us all that he was going home with Ma and Cack Cack.
And guess what?
We let him go!
How crazy am I???
Seth talked me into letting Caleb go have fun with all our family in Virginia so that he and I would have time to spend with each other and get the baby's room finished.
So, here I am, having a babymoon at home with Seth while my little sugar bear is 10 hours away!!!
I am enjoying my alone time with Seth...and goodness knows we won't get a chance like this again for a while so I am trying to make the most of every moment.
But I sure do miss my little man!
We are driving up this weekend to pick him up and I can't wait to kiss his cheeks!!!

Happy Birthday Sugar Bear Caleb...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our week in pictures...

Look at what my husband did to me...
I'm 5 pounds heavier just looking at that!!!
I shared...aren't I nice?

Valentine's Day walk...which turned into walking across the street and talking to our neighbors for an hour!

Valentine Monkey from Honey and Pop

oooo..I had a MOODY little Valentine on my hands Tuesday...please tell me I wasn't the only one?

Valentine outfit and baby bump!
We went and had lunch with Seth on base, which turned out to be a lot of fun.
This is my 31 week belly...not much longer left...ahhhhh!

This is Caleb's birthday week, so he is getting spoiled.  
I let him wander the toy aisle's at Target one day.  I love that kid.  I'm not sure he realizes that those toys could potentially come home with us.  He has asked me about taking some with him but I just tell him, "Not today buddy" and he says, "ok!"
So please, no one tell him!!!

His new tennis shoes that make him run "FAST!!!!"
And better yet, he can put them on himself...but he throws a fit EVERY time I put socks on him.
I seriously can not wait till the weather is warmer so I don't have to fight with him about socks...for ril yo.

I love my cup holder.  I've worked hard for this thing! ;-)

Whenever I make dinner, Caleb decides it's time to come and stand right under my feet and whine about anything and everything. 
 This particular night, he grabbed his book and set up camp, under my feet, in the kitchen.  But there was no whining, so I couldn't have been happier!
This is his current favorite book. 
 "Max and the Big Fat Lie". 
 It was mine when I was little.  It is a cute story about lying and it has monsters in it, which is why Caleb is obsessed. 
 He has a thing for monsters I guess.
And he's so stinkin' cute all curled up in the floor, "reading" like he's a big boy or something.
 This is what Caleb refers to as, "My Max and Ruby Outfit".  
This pose is what I refer to as, "I smack my hiney because I think anything to do with a hiney is funny".
There isn't an hour of the day that goes by that Caleb isn't saying something about his "hiney" or "pooting" or that he isn't running around making pooting noises.  He is such a boy...and I am really hoping this potty talk phase doesn't last forever, although my friends with boys haven't given me much hope!!!
He's still a cutie though...hiney smack pose and all ;-)

How has your week been?
We are having a birthday party for Caleb on Saturday and he can not wait.
I still have quite a bit to do to get ready for it but I am pretty excited too!
It's fun being a parent...well, most of the time ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A winner!

I know, I know! I totally tricked yall (or maybe lied, but tricked sounds so much better...doesn't it???)

I was *supposed* to announce the winner of the big Valentine Giveaway yesterday but today is the real day because yesterday I got a little caught up in the excitement of love :)

So, with no further chit chatting, the winner of the grand prize is............

#38- Amy @ Lovin This Life!!!

The two winners of the calling cards are:
#8: Jessi!

#17: Mr. Superman and Mrs. S!!!!

Congrats everyone!!!!  
Thank you all so much for participating :)