Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our week in pictures...

Look at what my husband did to me...
I'm 5 pounds heavier just looking at that!!!
I shared...aren't I nice?

Valentine's Day walk...which turned into walking across the street and talking to our neighbors for an hour!

Valentine Monkey from Honey and Pop

oooo..I had a MOODY little Valentine on my hands Tuesday...please tell me I wasn't the only one?

Valentine outfit and baby bump!
We went and had lunch with Seth on base, which turned out to be a lot of fun.
This is my 31 week belly...not much longer left...ahhhhh!

This is Caleb's birthday week, so he is getting spoiled.  
I let him wander the toy aisle's at Target one day.  I love that kid.  I'm not sure he realizes that those toys could potentially come home with us.  He has asked me about taking some with him but I just tell him, "Not today buddy" and he says, "ok!"
So please, no one tell him!!!

His new tennis shoes that make him run "FAST!!!!"
And better yet, he can put them on himself...but he throws a fit EVERY time I put socks on him.
I seriously can not wait till the weather is warmer so I don't have to fight with him about socks...for ril yo.

I love my cup holder.  I've worked hard for this thing! ;-)

Whenever I make dinner, Caleb decides it's time to come and stand right under my feet and whine about anything and everything. 
 This particular night, he grabbed his book and set up camp, under my feet, in the kitchen.  But there was no whining, so I couldn't have been happier!
This is his current favorite book. 
 "Max and the Big Fat Lie". 
 It was mine when I was little.  It is a cute story about lying and it has monsters in it, which is why Caleb is obsessed. 
 He has a thing for monsters I guess.
And he's so stinkin' cute all curled up in the floor, "reading" like he's a big boy or something.
 This is what Caleb refers to as, "My Max and Ruby Outfit".  
This pose is what I refer to as, "I smack my hiney because I think anything to do with a hiney is funny".
There isn't an hour of the day that goes by that Caleb isn't saying something about his "hiney" or "pooting" or that he isn't running around making pooting noises.  He is such a boy...and I am really hoping this potty talk phase doesn't last forever, although my friends with boys haven't given me much hope!!!
He's still a cutie though...hiney smack pose and all ;-)

How has your week been?
We are having a birthday party for Caleb on Saturday and he can not wait.
I still have quite a bit to do to get ready for it but I am pretty excited too!
It's fun being a parent...well, most of the time ;-)

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Megan said...

Whoa chocolate! Wow! You have the cutest baby bump ever :) One day he will learn that toys can come home, enjoy it while you can, ha!