Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Layer Brownie Cream Cheese Cake Recipe

This recipe is so easy...seriously.
But it looks complex, like you slaved over it for hours!

All you need:
1 box of brownie mix (family size)
1 can of cream cheese icing
chocolate chips
cocoa powder

Mix up the brownies and pour half of batter each into two, round baking dishes.
Make sure you spray the pan VERY good!
Bake as directed.
After cooled, pop brownies out.

Take your cream cheese icing and spread half of it on the first brownie layer.

Add second brownie layer on top and spread the rest of the icing over that.
Then sprinkle walnuts and chocolate chips.
I also sifted some cocoa powder on top to make it look a little fancier!

Oh's so good.  
Try not to eat all of will be hard though. 

I took this to a Valentine party and everyone loved it!
They thought I had worked really hard at making it...I'm a trickster like that ;-)

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