Friday, June 27, 2008

100th POST and free bee fab fri :)

Here is an overview in pictures of the times of my first 100 posts!
Me and Sethy Poo touring Benning in March, also the first month of my blog!

Our short life in Georgia :)

Seth graduated officer school!

Pinning the butter bars
Seth graduated airborne, the same day we headed out of Fort Benning

Here we are in May in Corpus Christi, the last time I saw Seth (in the midst of Bolc II) now I get to see him tomorrow! And all of this with 100 posts :)

~*~**~*~*100th POST!!!*~*~**~*~*
This post kinda snuck up on me, but here it is! This proves that not only do I talk too much in real life, but I also talk to much in web life. I have to say though (I know, here I go talking again) that I have enjoyed this online journaling more than I ever thought I would. It is just a great thing to be able to come here everyday and write what is going on in my life, and in turn be able to visit your lives, some of you I know nothing about other than what I read straight from your blogs. I think this new online journaling is always going to be a hit and pretty soon we will be virtually visiting each other at home via teleportation! haha, okay that might take a while, but I can see us headed that way. So, as this is the 100th post as well as free bee fabulous friday, my wish for today is that I can have 1000 more posts, and have just as much fun doing it as I havewith my first 100! Have a great weekend all of you, I know I will (Seth gets here tomorrow!). And with all this traveling we do, who knows, I might run into one of you sometime ;)


Richard Hull said...

Great Pictures! I'm glad you are feeling better. Tell your husband I said, Thanks for serving!! And I hope the two of you have a grrrrreeeaaaatttt!! time together.


Kristen & Cliff said...

Hey! I am glad Seth is coming back! Are you at Knox? We are here now!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Seth is on the way home! Scott got home yesterday morning at 0038. It was a long day yesterday to say the least. But I am glad that his is finally home for away just as I am sure you are excited to have Seth back with you!

Anonymous said...

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