Thursday, June 12, 2008

okay, so there's a lot of things i love

I love Regis!!! I guess it started with my aunt Su Su. She used to run an at home day care and I used to go over to her house, spend the night and play with all the kiddos. Well, the one thing she would do every morning, no matter how many kids were screaming or had dirty diapers, was turn on LIVE with Regis and Kathy Lee. She would drink coffee and watch it. I also, to this day, if I am home at 9:00, I turn on LIVE with Regis and Kelly. I don't remember all too much about Kathy Lee, but I love to see what Kelly wears everyday and Regis is just the most wonderful sweet and funny man. I would just love to meet him. I guess that means I need to become famous first so that they will invite me to be on their show, that's a lot better than fighting my way through the paparazzi to shake his hand! And of course if I fought my way through the paparazzi then I would have had to first have found Regis in the very small city of New York . . .Okay, major sarcasm today :) But really, I just love watching this show, with my coffee in hand :)

And, speaking of coffee, I decided to try a weird one that I saw at the grocery store. It is supposed to be for espresso, but I like my coffee really strong so I am kinda diggin this coffee. Plus, it is not very expensive and I love the can (it might show up in some kind of craft post later on!). The trick is to not put quite as much coffee in the filter as you would regular, unless you want it to literally knock your socks off (okay, maybe not literally but close). Try it if you are a coffee lover and you are up for a dare. . . and don't hurt me if you hate it. . . we all have different tasters ;)

haha, look at the picture I found. Apparently, this coffee is more popular than I thought. So much for being the first!


Hannah said...

Kathlyn I was just playin! I thought the shoes were cute and it doesnt matter about the pillow!! hope ur doing well! :)

Newmans Wildcats said...

I have had that coffee and it is great, but not one that drink anymore. Enjoy it girlie!!!