Monday, October 31, 2011


We had SUCH a fun night. Even Seth said he thinks it's the best Halloween he has EVER had!  There's something so fun about taking your little one's out, all dressed up and making them say "Trick or Treat" to all your neighbors...I was so sad for the night to end.

Here is our little, fluffy Halloween Chicken!

My favorite part was his red feathers on his head...although his chicken feet got a lot of attention from our neighbors.

I was a cat...the only mask left at Michaels today, since I decided to dress up at the last minute!

I bought a pack of fake mustache's for Seth to choose from.  I think he looks like Luigi all grown up...haha!

We are officially in candy-coma.
I'm pretty certain I will sleep good with a belly full of sugar.

Caleb ended the night by asking, "I go again?"
We laughed pretty hard!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I hope it was a fun night for you and your kids too :)


JG said...

You guys have the best Halloween costumes! I almost went and dug out one of my many Minnie Mouse ears to hand out candy, but I'm glad I didn't put in the effort. We got three doorbell rings! You guys would have made a haul in our neighborhood!

Kaylee said...

His chicken costume is SO cute!

Ashley said...

Fantastic costumes! Love the chicken feet! It rained all day and night yesterday and was 40 some degrees so our Halloween was unconventional, but since we had no trick-or-treaters our kiddos got a whole bowl of tootsie rolls. I think they're good :) Glad you had a great one :)