Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally...a craft! DIY fancy holiday glass candle holders

This DIY is super simple and super CHEAP! How does it get any better than that?  I found the tutorial on pinterest via this blog, so I can't take credit for it but I can share my version with you!

Tall vase from dollar store
Glass candlestick holder from dollar store
Tall glass enclosed candle from dollar store 
Glue gun
Glue sticks
A few bunches of leaves, fake or real

I made two of these, so I have two of everything

Step 1: On the top of your candlestick, squeeze hot glue around the entire lip.  (Ignore my scary looking hot glue gun! That's years of cardboard and fabric build up..ha!)

Step 2: Center your vase on the top of the candlestick and press down good.

I did two of them!

Step 3: Add your white candles and stick some leaves around the candles...you can use leaves, ribbon, beads, glitter...anything! 
So for $3 you can have your own large candle holder that is sooo pretty for the holidays! What a great table topper for Thanksgiving or Christmas or a great addition to a mantle.  I am so excited to use mine!


Coffee Mom said...

Simple and absolutely lovely! I will have to borrow this idea, thanks for sharing!

Coffee Mom said...

Simple and lovely! I will have to borrow this idea - thanks for sharing! :)

Clifford Jeffery said...

Cheap AND looks like something even I could do!

Amy @Lovin this Life said...

Those look awesome! Totally doing this next week :)

Angela said...

Love this idea! And you're right, so simple and cheap! I'll be heading to a dollar store soon I think. I heart Pinterest