Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun Halloween

I am 100% in the Halloween mood! I can't wait to dress Caleb up and take him trick or treating!!!  Here are a few fun etsy and pinterest things to get you in the mood too :)

Ogre Toes Halloween Cookies...gross but so cool!!!

Hocus Pocus Costume...I need those tights!!!

DIY Spider ice cubes

Ghost Poop...too funny!

Ahhhh!!! BATS!!! What a FUN Halloween craft to do with your kids...or just by yourself!!!  Black poster board or construction paper and some scissors!
Source: via Loni on Pinterest

What a creepy and easy Halloween wreath...sure to scare every kid on the block!

Would LOVE this for Caleb...and it's so hot down here, he could wear it!
Source: via Beth on Pinterest

The ultimate Halloween Garage door!
Source: via Aimee on Pinterest

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Thanks for the "Ogre Toe" shout out!! ~ Kim