Monday, August 4, 2008

A few family pics

My mom sent me an online album of my family and what they have been doing this summer. I thought I would steal a few, I mean post a few because I really like them. Plus she has the best camera in the whole world.

This is one my mom took after church one day when we were visiting, this was also the day I left my wallet on the top of the car and Seth had to go back to the busy road and play roadrunner to get all the contents he could find from my wallet. He found all the important stuff, so these are our happy faces :)

My brother at highschool graduation and my sister on the right. He is going to college in 1 week!!! I can't believe it.

Cammy and me at her "birfday." We are princesses.

This was at Cammy's princess party. My dad is in the middle and my sister, Donna, is on the right. Don't worry, we don't make a habit of wearing jewels on our faces and tiara's on our heads.

Here is Cammy in the sweater my mom made. This is the little Cammy who thinks I have a baby in my belly because I ate a lot of food. She then proceeded to say that she also ate a lot of food and she is going to have a baby too. I sure do miss that little mess.

Here is my mom with little Cammy.

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Lisa and Josh said...

Beautiful pics! So glad the Bella Band is working for you! They are very comfortable and cute too! Hope all is well and you're feeling better!