Monday, August 11, 2008

Phelps Phan

Have you seen that commercial where the girl, who calls herself Phelps Phan, is obsessed with Michael Phelps, and her phone service is bad so she misses the call that he is right down the street signing autographs? Well, I never knew who Michael Phelps was, so that commercial didn't mean very much for me. . .that is until I started watching the Olympics. I am now GLUED to the Olympics. I can't stop watching it, and swimming is my absolute favorite! Plus, Michael Phelps is unreal, as in he is working on getting his ninth gold medal, yes I said NINTH! I really do think he is part fish. I have turned into a complete Olympics junkie. So, if you havent watched any yet, I give you permission to become a TV addict until Aug 26! Tell me if you think Phelps is as good as I do.


Robin said...

Yes I have been glued to the Damn olympics since it started. I get angry any time the kids change the channel. Phelps is absolutly amazing. For the record I didn't know who the hell he was either the first few times I saw that commercial.

Newmans Wildcats said...

I told you I love the Olympics!!! They RULE!!! How about the beach volleyball womens team! They are awesome too! I gotta blog about them too!

Lisa and Josh said...

I'm all about the Okympics too, although I gotta say women's gymnastics is my fave event to watch. I was so excited when Michael Phelps' relay team beat the French, though...that was SO awesome!!! Go Team USA!!!