Saturday, August 9, 2008

If you can't beat em', join em'

Okay, so I am tired of trying to squeeze into my jeans that clearly do not fit me anymore. Seth reminded me that they were all tight to begin with and that I shouldn't be upset that they don't fit me now. My response was "You thought my jeans were too tight???"(which also brought back flooding memories of the conversations my parents and I use to have in highschool, I guess some things never change!) I keep on asking him, "Okay, do I look pregnant yet or do I just look like I have a fat belly?" I think I am still at the fat belly stage, you know, the dreaded muffin top. Well, I found this cool website where you can create sets of pretty much anything. Today, I am creating a set of casual maternity clothes, that look absolutely, completely comfy. Since I will be at my biggest during the cold months, cute little summer dresses (which would have been so much easier than pants) are out of the question, hence my long sleeve shirts and pants choices(except for the one red tank that I just really liked). So instead of fighting the belly, I am officially embracing it and after I win the jackpot at BINGO today, I will be on my way to Louisville to purchase all of the above, haha :)


Hannah said...

kathlyn you have always been beautiful and I sure that you dont just look fat that you are beginning to look pregnant which is super exciting!! I know that I cant wait to see that belly of yours!!

Kelly said...

OKay, someone has to teach you the rubberband trick. You take a rubber band, stick it through the button hole on your pants, and then loop both ends on the button. You've now added some extra room in your pants, and can always get bigger rubber bands.
Next, be happy that we're past the days where you've got regular pants, and then pants with a huge pouch. Most of the styles out today will work just fine with a longish top. So, for now you can just get some pants and shorts, and then a few shirts that come down long enough. And this year, LOTS of the shirts out there are cut long and flowy, so that shouldn't be hard.
I'm finally past the "just a fat belly" stage, but all my maternity clothes are still too big, and my winter maternity stuff is almost 7 yrs old, so, uh, not going to work this go round!

Kristen & Cliff said...

NO one could think you look fat silly!!! Love the outfits you created! Just tell Seth they are your new school clothes!!!! =)

Newmans Wildcats said...

I loved shopping for maternity clothes. Enjoy!!!!