Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Before and After- Thrift Store Find

I found this huge canvas at a thrift store.  I hated everything about it, except for the size.  I knew that I would never be able to buy a canvas and frame for $5.00 so I decided to buy it and make it over. Sometimes it is ALL about potential and this is a prime example! Here is the before:


I wanted to paint something modern.  The rest of the pictures in my living room are pretty traditional, so I wanted to make it eclectic.  My style is definitely traditional-modern, with LOTS of color! What is your decorating style?

See the little scratches in the top left corner?  That was Calebs artistic flair...I decided to leave it.  I like to think we both painted this together, even if the ratio of work was 99% me, 1% him :-) 

Tomorrow, I am going to post a tour of my living room...I finally have it 95% done!  Although I don't believe I will ever be 100% finished with decorating my house.  It is always a work in progress and I love decorating too much to be "done"...anyone feel this way too?


Kristan said...

Yes. I have no been in my house for 8 years this month and I am still constantly adding and tweeking... My guest bath is decorated with some M C Esher prints I bought at an art exhibit and a black and white shower curtain, and a year ago I finally painted the walls white and hand painted some black concentric squares arond the middle and some lines at the top and bottom. I have small, black and white tile in the basement my hubby snagged for $10 at work and we will be putting down the floor sometime this summer. Same kind of thing goes through the rest of my house.

Anonymous said...

I love your painting! Great job!

Kathy said...

You don't have to post this but Nannie said that you ruined a perfectly good frame!
Don't 'you tell her that I told you!