Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A real life conversation

Here is this morning's Skype conversation between Seth and is our 3 year anniversary :-)

Kathlyn: hey!
Kathlyn: i love you
Kathlyn: i was hacked!
Kathlyn: lol
Seth: ummmmmm
Seth: i guess i lover you too
Seth: hahaha
Kathlyn: but really i was
Kathlyn: on fb
Seth: yeah i know
Kathlyn: whatevvvv
Kathlyn: Happy 3 years!!!!
Kathlyn: Today snuck up on me
Seth: that too
Seth: i knew there was something i was calling for
Kathlyn: I missed you yesterday
Seth: yup yup
Seth: gus gus
Kathlyn: can I get these for our anniversary present? 

Seth: boots
Kathlyn: you can have one
Seth: haha
Seth: i dont want one boot
Kathlyn: okay, I was just being nice and sharing
Seth wade: haha 300 dollar boots, are you nuts?
Kathlyn: I've completely lost it
Seth: I KNOW
Seth: my combat boots dont even cost that much
Seth: and it may be the most important part of clothing i have
Kathlyn: these are more important than combat boots ;-)
Seth: 300 dollar boots
Seth: the short answer is no
Seth: but i love you
Seth: just the same
Kathlyn: what's the long answer?
Seth: heck no! youve lost your mind
Seth: but i still love you
Kathlyn: I still love you too
Kathlyn: notice that this is where I usually throw a fit
Kathlyn: but I won't today since it is our anniversary
Seth: haha
Seth: or you are learning
Kathlyn: and if you buy me the Nikon D3000, I won't ever mention the boots again
Seth: hahahahaha
Seth: when im home in a few we can go buy something together
Kathlyn: oh good!
Seth: maybe a camera or maybe a grill or maybe both
Seth: or maybe nothing at all
Seth: we shall see :)
Kathlyn: You can have one boot and I can have the other?  And then you can be nice and lovingly give me your boot?
Kathlyn: :)
Kathlyn: Okay, okay, I am done talking about the boots

...and on and on we went....I'm beginning to think we are pretty silly, but 5+ months away from each other can do that I suppose...

Speaking of the boots...I have a new obsession with The Pioneer Woman.  She featured these boots on her blog and I am IN LOVE!!!! Why oh why are they $300???  Seriously, are they not the perfect fall boot?

Here The Pioneer Woman is with them on:

I love those boots almost as much as my husband...

But I really do love Seth.  He is an amazing husband and I get to see him soon!  The secret is out...he's coming back for R&R reallllly soon :-)  I can not wait!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those boots are pretty amazing! I couldn't swing $300 for them now, but maybe you could find some knock-offs that look really similar??? I'd go for the will last you longer and won't go out of style. ;)

JG said...

Haha, that cracks me up! :) Sounds like a conversation I would have with SoldierMan.

Amanda Nicole said...

You guys are adorable:). Happy anniversary!!!

Sarah said...

Love that conversation! Sounds like something Joe and I would have a conversation about. =) And, yes, those boots are to die for! *sigh* Having expensive taste stinks when you're on Army payroll. Haha!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Those boots are glorious! Happy Anniversary!!