Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone finally came to visit us!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, sister and little Cammy came to visit us!  We had so much fun, even though Caleb didn't get a nap all week (and believe me, by Friday he was a monster!).  But, it was worth it.  We went to Chill (the new make your own yogurt place), we went shopping, went to lunch at all kinds of places, walked around downtown, and we attempted to go to the pool but they closed it right after we got there.  We just had a really fun time and Caleb and Cammy played and played together.  
Can you tell who the mom is in the picture? I told my sister that she didn't get the "hand on hip" memo from Cammy and I.

Here's the sweet picture

Here's the picture of me pushing my sisters head into the tree.  Why, you ask?  Just because that's the way we work.  I have to make her laugh every now and then or she gets too boring...hahaha.  But, seriously, my sister who I have never seen read a book had her nose in a book all week.  Guess what book it was?  That vampire book...the Twilight one.  She's obsessed.

The three amigos

Isn't this a pretty picture?  We were all thankful that my sisters granny glasses broke...but she managed to pop the lens right back in!

Lunch downtown

Wagon ride!

My mom will love me for posting this one.  She has a hat obsession.

Mmmmm, yogurt from Chill

Does this get any sweeter?  Caleb would reach over and grab Cammy's hand and hold it.  They love each other.

There were plenty of other "candid" shots that I took, but I think I will have to save those for the next family get together...they are too funny not to share with someone but I don't want my mom and sister to kill me for putting them on my blog :)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  I'm off to bake a cake :)


Kristan said...

Great pictures. I love those "granny glasses". My husband would make fun of me if I wore them, he jokes about my "bug eye" glasses.

JG said...

I love the look on Caleb's face when you are pushing her head. It's like I can hear him thinking, "Man, if *I* did that...." ;)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How fun! What fabulous pictures too!