Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of Power

We have been without power since Wednesday at 11am! After toughing it out for one night in a freezing cold house, we packed up and headed south. . .to Nashville! Seth's sister lives here and we were able to see her. We turned it into a mini vacation. Our last hoorah before the little guy makes his debut (which could be any day now!). We have had a blast. Unfortunately, our budget won't allow us to vacation past tomorrow so we are going to head back home and hope by that time that our power has come back on. Please pray that it does!!! We have a few more things to get done before this baby gets here and they are kinda hard to do with no electricity. The post has all of their power back, so I am thinking it is only a matter of time before we do. Anyways, that is my update for ya. I hope none of you are without your power, and of course if you are you won't be reading this for a while. Later gators!

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Hannah said...

I know that Jon and I sure loved getting to see ya'll! I have missed you guys a lot! Next time I see you little Wade will be here! I can't wait till April though when I get a long visit! Love ya!