Tuesday, April 22, 2008

have ya seen this one?

this is the book by Karen Tack, she made the vege cupcake (bottom)

This was one of the grand finalist cupcakes on Martha

too pretty to eat

the cups are handmade too!

This is really a cupcake, topped with green runts and orange tootsie rolls. My question is, how do you eat it?

A couple of weeks ago, Martha Stewart had cupcake week on her show. I am not even a huge fan of cupcakes, but the cupcakes on her show were incredible! My all time favorite were the April fools cupcakes made by Karen Tack. She has a book called "Hello, Cupcake!" (pictured above, $10.85 on Amazon). I have to give the credit to my sister though, b/c she told me about the "food" cupcakes and I was able to catch the re-run on the fine living channel (thanks to my mom). I havent tried these recipes since I am getting ready for my kitchen to be packed up (oh army army), but if any of you guys are inspired, let me know how they turn out. My friend made a very cute cupcake cake last week with m&m's sprinkled on, it was adorable and very creative even though she says she isnt (she just proved her ownself wrong!) The book is at Barnes and Noble, but cheaper on Amazon. I took a look this weekend, very very entertaining.


Hannah said...

You didnt show me the little chicken one, that is so cute! I might have to try them in the next few weeks!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Those are AMAZING!!! We still have our kitchen stuff so if you get real desperate come on over and use ours!