Monday, April 21, 2008

last week!

This is my very last week working as a receptionist, and I am so excited! Mostly because this means that I dont have to work until January 09' due to all the moving around we will be doing. Don't get me wrong, I think work is great, just for other people, not me. . . haha. Actually, I really am just kidding, someone has to work (Seth) and someone has to do crafts and painting (me)! I think this will finally give me time to get my sewing machine out, finally. Plus I get to spend time with family and friends before we head out west. It's the best of both worlds. . . no pun intended Hannah Montana. Seth is doing good, even though he is already tired of waking up at 4 every morning but other than that he is enjoying airborne. This week they jump off of the big towers, eek! His graduation is next week and he also jumps out of the plane next week (I will let you know how that goes). Hope you guys had a wonderful Monday! See ya tomorrow :)


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We watch the guys jump off the towers on our walk to school on Wed and Thurs. This week I will be thinking, "That could be Seth", with every guy we see jump!