Sunday, April 27, 2008

Benning Boys

Tonight was Seth's last hang out night with the guys at Benning. A few have been in training with Seth since basic in October so it is weird to think of all of them going their seperate ways. Two of them in particular Seth has become very close with and I know they will keep in touch, but the thought of being so far away is just a strange and sad thought. Good-byes are the worst. I had to say bye to my friends at work Friday, knowing that I will probably never see them again. Seth has dealt with this whole "good-bye" situation his entire life, but this is my first time and it really stinks! We just have to trust that we will meet friends wherever we go who are just as great as all the friends we have met here. Ft Benning has been our first experience in the army and I have to say it has been a great one. We will never forget all the friends we have made :)

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Hannah said...

I know its hard to say goodbye....just know it gets a little easier every time! Love ya!! Hopefully Ill have the pics of the party up soon!