Friday, April 25, 2008

free bee fabulous friday

not too big, not too small, just perfect :)

dontcha just wanna go cook something in there???

i lika those pillows and the cool branches behind the sofa

i lovvvve that lamp!

I cant believe it, but it is already friday. . . my favorite day of the week, except Saturday :) My "I wish" for today is rather large, but there are no rules to this game so I can wish for anything. I also wanted to post it because it will give you guys a chance to have it! This is the hgtv green home. They are giving it away and if you go to and search "green home" you can register to win it or just click here. It is amazinggggg! Plus it's all "green" so for those of you who are good at being green and for those of us who wish we were (and winning this house may be the only way we could ever be half "green"), the hard part has already been done! I hope you all have a fun Friday and that one of us can win this house :)

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Hannah said...

prolly wont post the gift bags till tomorrow!!!