Monday, April 28, 2008

Today Today!

ya ever have a morning where ya feel like this??? :)

Okay, so far I have finished 1/2 of my to-do list and it is only 10:30. The worst is having to call all the utility people and tell them to cut the service off. The cable guy says, "So will you be able to bring the equipment by?" I said, "Well, my husband has his airborne graduation that day but do I really have a choice?" He says, "I dont have the book right now to schedule someone to come by and pick it up." Okay, so now I was really confused. Was it possible he could come and pick it up from me and was just too lazy to go find the book or did I have to bring it to him??? And so the morning went. Then I did a change of address with the post office and called the cleaners to see if my wedding dress (which had been in the spare closet when our apartment decided to leak) was ready (b/c it was supposed to be done today). The lady says, "Oh, did no one call you? We couldnt get it to fit it the preservation box we had." What??? And no one called me??? OH MY! Well, I am supposed to call back in just a little while to see if she was indeed able to fit it in. I dont really have a choice, I am leaving in 4 days and I have NO room for my wedding dress. Okay, I think I am done complaining.

In other news, Seth is jumping today. He didnt want me to come and watch him today so I am going tomorrow since they are supposed to jump twice. The poor thing couldnt sleep. He had to wake up at 3:30am to get there on time and at 2:30am he says "I cant go to sleep." Of course I had been conked out for a few good hours. I said, "You havent been to sleep at all?" and he said he hadnt. So I spent all morning praying for him and we prayed before he left but I know God will watch over him and give him the courage he needs. I am sure I will be posting how it all went tomorrow!

Okay, well let me just say how much I am enjoying my morning. I havent had a morning like this in a while. It was weird not going to work but I think I can get used to it :) I still miss the people though. So far I have watched Regis and Kelly, I am watching Ellen (wishing it was Martha but Martha doesnt come on down here!) and I will watch the View. I say "watch" but it is more like "browse" b/c it is kinda hard for me to call utility people while I am watching TV. I am going to drink my tea, watch the View in peace and then I will go and start the big task of the day which is beginning to pack for my 6 month excursion. How do you know what you will want to wear for the next 6 months without taking everything? I told Seth that if all else failed, new clothes would be fine with me, haha :) Enjoy your Monday!

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Newmans Wildcats said...

Not at all a good Monday for you at all :(

Packing, moving, and just shutting down at your current place will always have its hurdles and no matter what - you never get use to it - but you will at least now know that they will be coming.

Good Luck Seth!!!!