Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking a leap

Yesterday as I was making dinner, Seth informed me that he made his first jump! I didn't even know he was going to be jumping, but that is probably good because I would have been nervous for him all day. Before they do the jump out of the airplane, they do some practice jumps off of towers and onto zip lines, etc so this was one of those practice jumps. Anyways, he came home very excited and telling me all about the story, which included a lot of movement. I got a couple of pictures of the story in action (even though he really did not want me to take them, but I just had to!) Now he is actually excited about the big airplane jump, which is a relief because before it just made him nervous. Also, we finally got everything at the transportation office figured out and they will come May 1st to pack us up! Seth will graduate May 2nd from airborne and then we will head to Virginia before he has to go to Oklahoma for a while. Getting that set in stone on such short notice is a load off our backs. Now we just have to tell the apartment office, but I will let Seth do that one!


Kelly said...

YAY for getting transportation sorted out!

Are you going to go out and watch him jump any? If you can, you definitely should.

Hannah said...

YO YO YO Does that mean Seths going to be able to go to your seths graduation!?! When does he have to report in OK?