Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday, I twiddled with some of the crafts I was talking about doing on Saturday. The star is called "free standing star" (a very creative title, dont you think? haha). That one is simple but can easily take an hour to do depending on what you want to put on it. I only did stripes and stars and it seemed to take a while, but that may be because I was doing it at work. My boss came by and was like, "what are you doing?" I told him I was making a star craft and he just laughed. I am in my final days so they are cool with me doing anything since they are busy finding my replacement, needless to say I have brought new crafts with me to work everyday this week. I also used glitter glue so I had to wait for it to dry which took a little longer than I expected. Anyways, my favorite craft which is more for me than kids, hehe, are the animals. I made them out of Crayola model magic, which is the stuff! Now I just need to figure out a better base for them and a more discrete glue :)


Hannah said...

I love the crafts!! The elephant is so cute! Lets do crafts when you come in town...How about mosaic!?!?

Robin said...

Wow, nice job on the crafts. I couldn't do those if my life depended on it. As far as the crafts go I do scrapbooking and that is it. I am not very artistic in any way.