Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crafters Concoctions

In the fall, Seth and I are headed to California for our new duty station. We will have to live on base because of our location, but I am ecstatic about going and being "stuck" on a base. Weird, right? I feel like I am traveling into the twilight zone, back to days where Starbucks and Target didn't exsist. Of course there is a grocery store and I will always be able to get the necesseties, but the big town stores won't be there, and that in itself seems dreamlike. This means you have to really connect with the people around you and become involved in the community. Being the go getter I am (haha, I laugh b/c I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, anyways) I e-mailed some of the principals of the schools on base about potentially starting an after school crafting class for the students. To my surprise, one of the principals wrote back and was very interested in my idea! So, now I am coming up with all kinds of crafts, suitable for elementary-middle school aged kids. I am going to start making one craft a week in order to get a portfolio together for when I get to Cali and also to try out the craft. Hopefully, the hubby and I will be able to make one today and I will post pictures of the new craft in hopes of getting feedback from all of you! And also, if your kids have done any amazing crafts at school, please let me know. I am up for any and all ideas! :)

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