Wednesday, May 7, 2008

no pictures :(

I found this cartoon and thought it was worth being posted :)

Okay, so still no pictures but today was a great day!  Seth and I even got a workout in and had dinner with my bro and also watched Merican Idol with Seth's sister.  I purposely put "Merican" because I noticed today that when I say "American Idol"  I don't say the A part, is that just me or do some of you guys do that too?  I am also noticing as I write this that I sometimes pronounce "purposely" as "purposefully" and since neither one are wrong on spell check I will look it up on to see the difference in the two words. . .  okay I am back and here are the results:

purposely = deliberately, intentionally
purposefully = having a purpose, intentional

In my own conclusion, these are practically the same word, I just tend to say "purposefully" over "purposely." Which do you prefer? Wow!  And there are better things in life to write about but there was your grammar lesson for the day :)  Hope you all learned something about yourselves today as well and hopefully it was something other than grammar.  I am now on my way to watch TV with the hubby, only 3 more days left before he leaves, so i am going to make the best of it because I will not let Satan steal any of my joy, with or without Seth beside me (beside me as in hanging out with me, in the same room as me, etc.), right? Well,  good night to all! 


Newmans Wildcats said...

Yeah, I learned somefin - I learned A: I don't know how to spell and 2: I don't the correct word for what I trying to write.

Newmans Wildcats said...

PS - hee hee