Monday, May 5, 2008

Its Monday!

Hello!  Well, we made it to Virginia just fine.  Seth leaves for BOLC II at the end of the week and I wont see him for 7 weeks, but at least he will be able to call.   We found a great apartment in Kentucky so that is exciting.  We are having a lot of fun spending time at home with our friends and family.  Tonight we are going to Seth's sister, Hannah's, house to watch the Hills :)  Can you believe I can get Seth to watch that with me?  We got 2 great voice mails from one of Seth's army friends.  It was very funny, but he let Seth know he was reading the blog and saw the pictures of him jumping out of the plane, so thanks for reading Jesse :) Yesterday we went to Thomas Road, our home church.  It was a great service and the president of Disney was there sharing a new project called Vision 360 where the goal is to start 500 new churches in the next 5 years.  Jonathan Falwell also spoke about the excuses we give to God in hopes of getting out of doing His work, like Moses did before he went before Pharaoh.  Pastor Falwell also talked about not letting Satan steal kill and destroy your joy your goals your vision, etc., so my goal from here on out is to not let Satan steal anything from me, and I hope you won't let him steal anything from you either because with God even the imposible is possible.  Well. . . I have pictures from Airborne graduation and as soon as I can find wireless somewhere, I will upload my pictures and share them with you guys.  Have a great Monday :)


Newmans Wildcats said...

A goal of not letting satan steal anything from you. I like that. Too bad being a Catholic is so uninspiring. Kat, you do know how to inspire me and I thank God that you are in my life!!! Ok, I having a hormonal crying moment -

Lisa and Josh said...

Glad to hear you made it safely!