Monday, May 19, 2008

Poll Results!

Hyrid Tahoe

Greenline Saturn Vue

With eleven total votes, you guys said you liked the Chevy Tahoe the best, which happens to be my choice as well and so far 5 out of 6 of you would buy the Hybrid Tahoe over all of these. I will have to tell you though that the Hybrids don't get as good of gas milage as you might think. I believe the Hybrid Tahoe gets 20-21 mpg as compared to the non-hybrid's 17-19 mpg. Not that much of an improvement in my opinion, especially not for $10,000 more dollars. However, I read about the Greenline Saturn view that is coming out. It is a cute SUV, kinda looks like the Honda Pilot, and is supposed to get about 25-28 mpg city milage and 32-35 mpg highway. Now, it hasnt come out yet so no one knows for sure, but that is its estimated mpg. Okay, I am done with SUV's. Keep checking back b/c I will be posting a new poll shortly! ;)

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Newmans Wildcats said...

Oh where oh where in the world is the "green" minivan?