Thursday, May 22, 2008

When, I say, Whennnn???

In my search for a cool sewing machine picture, I came across this picture. How cute is this? Growing up, we had this actual little snoopy snow cone maker. When the ice is crushed in the little hole, you dig it out with the shovel. Of course it took forever to make one snow cone, but we still loved it and my mom let us make them :) Oh, just a great childhood memory that I wanted to share!
When, that is, will I ever ever ever actually pull out my sewing machine??? At this point I feel like all is hopeless. I would really like to make a cute baby onesie or an apron, but I need my sewing machine and that is in Virginia and I am in Texas, and who even knows if it works??? Oh, the dilemmas of my life. . . so cruel, right? haha. On a more serious note, please pray for Stephen Curtis Chapman and his family today, they will greatly need it. I only have 47 hours until Seth will be here and I am just about to pop. What a great weekend this will be :) And by the way, does anyone know the significance of a "softie." You can see one here. I mean obviously they are cute, but what is the rage with them? What do you do with them besides give them to little kids for birthday presents? If anyone knows, please do tell. Okay, I am signing off as a confused and sewing machine hopeless Kathlyn. Later Tators ;)

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Newmans Wildcats said...

I had a snoopy sno-cone machine as well (back in the 70's) and found one in WalMart and bought one for my older brother. I couldn't bring up the "softy" thing but will try a little later. Laptop is being silly today.