Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moooooving Day!

Although my hopes were high that Seth would be able to join me in this great day of moving, he was not able to make it. However, setting aside my "freak out because I am stressed out because we're moving again" behavior at 2:00 am when Seth finally got home from his night jump, today has been surprisingly low key. The guys got here at about 8:30 and it is 2:00 now and they are just finishing the last bedroom. I am ecstatic! It all went so smoothly, due to my "Jesus please help this to all go good, pllleeassseee" request. Thank you Jesus, He comes through every time! :) Now I just have to figure out how to get my carpets cleaned and be at Seths airborne graduation, which just happen to be all at the same time. I think we can work something out though ;) Happy Thursday to all!


Lisa and Josh said...

Will be praying for you so the move goes smoothly! Our washer and dryer are great, not the cool, red ones from LG, but they'll definitely do the job! My in-laws are FABULOUS! No word on Josh's class dates yet, we have to see how quickly he recovers from surgery...they're saying they may even re-branch him (he's very bummed about that). We'll see! I'll keep you posted! Let us know how the rest of the move goes!

Robin said...

I hope your move goes smoothly.

Newmans Wildcats said...

Wait until the day that the moving goes like this - 1 1/2 days to just pack and 1 full day to load all of your stuff into crates. It stinks. I remember those 8 hour days of packing - that was nice. I think I'm gonna start cleaning house now for when we move in a year.