Wednesday, May 21, 2008

work out

So my in-laws are healthy, workout people. Which is nice because it has really jump started my healthy lifestyle that I just couldnt seem to get off of the ground on my own. Although I havent lost any weight, I feel really energized and I can tell I am toning up a little bit, which may mean for once I am doing this weight thing the right way. Usually I look for results solely based on what the scale says, but my mother in law has reassured me that because I have been weight lifting, my fat is being replaced by muscle which weighs even more, so I am hoping that is the reason and not really giving myelf a chance to think otherwise, ahhhh! I am mostly writing this to remind myself that I have been working hard and although I would really like a large fry and chocolate milkshake, I can't give up now! Now I just need a workout partner for when I get back to Virginia for a few weeks. Anyone else on a diet or working out? I am very open to any tips on what works for you guys!!! I have definitely learned from all this healthy eating that there is no way I could go meatless. That meat, even though it is plain with no sauce or bread, is the best looking thing I have seen all day! Well, Seth arrives Saturday morning, and I am sooo excited. Holidays rock! Especially in the Army because they get almost every holiday you can think of off :) Yes!

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Newmans Wildcats said...

Ohhhh! I would have a heart attack if I tried to workout with them. Now where are those chips?