Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a solution!

Phil @ MAKE writes:
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories show you how to make a neat camera cozy! -
This camera cozy protects your LCD and keeps your lens cap on when you toss your camera in your bag or are just carrying it around. It also provides storage for a spare set of batteries as well as a location for the dead ones you're taking out.
It was designed for the Canon S2IS and S3IS, but the pattern can be adapted for other similarly shaped cameras.
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Link.
Posted by Natalie Zee Drieu Jul 19, 2007 10:15 AM Sewing, Tech Accessories Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack

So, at Christmas Seth bought me a great Kodak camera with a great zoom lense but it is especially bulky and all the camera cases I found were just blah. So when I came across this pattern today, I was ecstatic. Now I really have a great reason to use my sewing machine. I only wish I had come up with this idea myself! And btw, if you are even remotely interested in crafts, you HAVE to look at! And no, they didn't pay me to post that, haha.


Newmans Wildcats said...

Oh, I'm interested in crafts alright!

Having people make them for me or buying them at a flea market or something like that. Doing them, I'm pretty sure I have ADD and wouldn't be able to finish any of them.

Newmans Wildcats said...

Forgot to add that you should do the pattern of the "different" looking chair and make your camera bag look like that.