Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disney World Day 3- Hollywood Studios

Day 3 and we were all getting a little tired.
Can you tell???


We headed over to Disney Hollywood studios and went straight to the Indiana Jones show.
I remember this show from when I went to Disney in THIRD GRADE!!!

It was still just as impressive, maybe more!

Then we booked it to Hollywood & Vine to have lunch with Disney Jr. friends!

Caleb had a BLAST dancing with all the kids!

And he loved the characters.

Slow mo dancing


This was definitely a lunch we all enjoyed!  Highly recommend this for kids who watch Disney Jr.

Later on that night, we went and watched, "Wreck It Ralph" at the eat in theatre at Downtown Disney.
SUCH a cute movie!  

We made it to the Disney Jr. LIVE show.  A must see for Caleb's age kids.  

They dropped Golden Blooms from the ceiling!  If you watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm pretty sure I still have a golden bloom or two hanging out in my pocket book! Haha :)

Even Little Miss Lorelei enjoyed the show.

We ran into Tow Mater too!

Caleb chose to wait in line to see Phineas and Ferb...two of his all time favorite characters!

It was a VERY fun day!
We saw a parade that was fantastic and ended the night watching Fantasmic.
Caleb was very afraid of indoor rides but loved the Fantasmic show, which is a laser lights, fireworks, and water show depiction of Mickey's nightmare.
A FANTASTIC show and in my book a definite must see, but a little scary for young kids. 
 Although I will say that Caleb wasn't scared at all, but I was...he is one confusing kid!

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JG said...

What fun! We haven't been to H&V, but we also don't watch Disney Jr :)

I didn't know it was an eat-in theatre! Nothing interesting was playing when we were there, but now I kind of wish we had made time to try it out!

Lots of kids get scared during Fantasmic - I'm very impressed that Caleb enjoyed it!