Friday, December 14, 2012

First Class at Coach price

The weather is chilly here and I'm so excited to pull out my wintery clothes yall!!!

If your wardrobe is lacking this year, I've put together a few different fashion boards to get ya fashion brain a reelin'.

I also love finding great clothes for great prices, not really sure of anyone who doesn't.
Everything shown is under $50.
Proof that you don't have to spend hundreds to look super cute.

Comfy Sweaters

Favorite fun sweater pick for me would have to be the yellow giraffe.  It's so unique and looks way too comfy!

Classy Coats

Favorite coat.  I love the first one on the top row (grey) for dressy style and the green one directly underneath for an everyday.  

See those cowboy boots, top row, second from the left? Yep, I'm gonna need those.

Boots under $50

Who doesn't love stripes?!
MY absolute fav from this line up is the first one on the top row.  The aqua and gold mix is a great color combo!


On a sidenote, did I tell you about the time I tried to dye my hair a little darker and it came out almost black?  Yes, that would be me right now.
Don't let the picture fool you, it's much darker than this appears!
No worries, it's semi-permanent.....hopefully.

For more info on each item, you can visit my boards on Polyvore.
Happy Wintery Friday my friends!!!

P.S.  This is not a sponsored post.  Purely my own fashion favs!

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