Wednesday, December 12, 2012

bows and harem

I'm just on a big ol' sewing kick.  

At Christmas time when I have a zillion other things to do.
Like wrapping presents and mailing our Christmas cards out!

I took a break from sewing for so long, and now I can't get enough.  Nothing complex, just little projects here and there.  Anything that takes longer than an hour is not my kind of sewing!

The weather down here in Bammy has finally turned Christmasy, thank the goodness.  However, I found myself not prepared with girly girl accessories to keep my little lady warm!
A problem that can quickly be solved with some cute fabric and a plain beanie hat.

Put the two together and whaddayagot?
Bibbety, bobbety....bow beanie!

I have been seeing all these uber cute harem style baby pants and I just love them!  So, I made Lorelei a pair out of some vintage fabric my Nanny had given me a couple of years ago.  They are so soft and stretchy and the pattern fits her great!  

They look a little odd off of her, but are adorable on.

I'm just so excited about this cold weather!
Makes me never want to take my pajamas off.
I want to sit around, watching Christmas movies and drinking mint hot chocolate all day ;)


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